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10 Best Futuristic Smart TV’s Leaping 10 years Ahead

CSE 2022 was different from the previous CSE events, but this year’s all virtual consumer electronics event still managed to offer plenty of fascinating and innovative designs tvs this year; the tv market has replaced the 1080p standard with 4k or even 8k panels, but which one should you get for the same reason we will show you the top 10 best smart TV’s of 2022 that you will find innovative, unique and extraordinary in all aspects, so without further ado, let’s jump into it.

10. Hisense ULED

Best Smart Tvs 2021
Image credit: Hisense USA

At  No. 10 on the list of Best smart TVs comes Hisense ULED. Hisense has unveiled its 2022 ULED TV, which uses sophisticated upscaling technology to deliver truly outstanding picture quality across the entire range with the 8k ultra hd certification. It features quantum dot color Dolby vision hdr and local dimming pro technologies to deliver over a billion stunning shades of vivid color and image precision. This tv will be available in 65, 75, and 85-inch models and all of them will be equipped with high senses proprietary high view engine pro, which will upscale a variety of content sources to 8k resolution using its artificial intelligence thanks to the introduction of game mode pro HDMI 2.1 features like variable refresh rate auto low latency mode, and e-arc, the high Sense 2022 uled tvs are ready for next-gen gaming.

Key Features
  • ULED. Pushing the boundary of picture quality.
  • HI-View. AI-powered scene-by-scene optimization.
  • 4K Resolution.
  • Peak Brightness 700.
  • Sports Mode.
  • Dolby Vision Atmos.
  • Quantum Dot Color.

9. TCL Series-6 2022 

Best Smart Tvs 2021

At  No. 9 on the list of Best smart TVs 2022 comes TCL series 6 2022. Latest TCL series 6, which packs all the similar features of its previous-gen but now, with the bump in resolution and all in an affordable price tag compared to other brands, the major upgrade in this year’s six series is it will be 8k which is great news for budget-minded early adopters of 8k tvs like other six series tvs the new 8k models will also make use of qled tech with quantum dots for wide colors along with mini led backlighting that will provide more dimming zones with precise control over contrast and brightness moreover, TCL’s aipq engine will also be there, which is driven by machine-learning algorithms to give you the best possible viewing experience with vibrant color, sharp clarity, and dramatic depth.

8. LG Gallery Series G1 OLED 

Best Smart Tvs 2021
Image credit: Lucky Goldstar(LG)

At  No. 8 on the list of Best smart TVs 2022 comes LG Gallery Series G1 2022The latest LG gallery series g1 is a new and improved iteration of last year’s gallery series. LG’s next-gen OLED panel has been redesigned to include an extra layer and a stronger emissive material which optimizes the panel structure and refines the wavelength of light to improve your viewing experience available in 55 65, and 77 inches it’s incredibly slim profile of OLED panel allows the gallery design tv to hang flush to your wall like a work of art which will enhance your home interior and add elegance to your space. Furthermore, with its Dolby vision IQ, it will intelligently adjust the picture settings based on content genre and ambient surroundings, while its Dolby atmos will deliver fantastic surround sound. for gamers, LG will put you ahead of the game as it will come with HDMI 2.1 combined with a swift and responsive 120hz display for a smoother playing experience.


  • Gallery Design: Designed to put the spotlight on your content and complement your home’s interior
  •  Self-lighting OLED: Perfect Black, Intense Color, Infinite Contrast
  •  ?9 Gen4 AI Processor 4K with AI Picture Pro & AI Sound Pro
  • Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos
  • webOS & ThinQ AI w/ Hands-Free Voice Control

7. Samsung Neo QLED

Best Smart Tvs 2021
Image credit: Samsung

At  No. 7 on the list of Best smart TVs 2022 comes Samsung NEO QLED 2022.Samsung has introduced the neo q led tvs which offer a whole new display technology implemented in the latest flagship 4k and 8k models. These tvs will feature quantum mini LEDs precisely controlled by quantum matrix technology and a neo quantum processor to please your eyes with a breathtaking visual experience. You can also take advantage of Samsung’s multi-intelligence ai upscaling, which will get you a better and crispier picture quality for low-resolution contents with a monolith design and extremely thin bezels. These tvs have got over 99 screens to body ratio, so all you will see is outstanding picture quality. Its intuited speakers perforate sounds to the left and right to deliver breathtaking 5.1 channel sound so that you can transform any room into a luxurious home theater. These tvs will also feature HDMI 2.1 with 4k 120 hertz variable refresh rate free sync premium pro and auto low latency mode to play the latest titles in PlayStation 5 or Xbox series x.

6. Panasonic JZ2000 OLED

Best Smart Tvs 2021

At  No. 6 on the list of Best smart TVs 2022 comes Panasonic JZ2000 OLED 2022. Panasonic unveiled their flagship OLED TV in this year’s CES 2022, the jz2000, which features an enhanced sound system and a 4k panel that creates exceptional viewing and gaming experience. It utilizes an all-new hcx pro-AI processor, which can accurately detect what you are watching and automatically adjust the picture and sound quality to deliver an optimal user experience. Available in 65 and 55-inch sizes. Moreover, the Panasonic master HDR OLED professional edition panel supports dynamic HDR formats such as HDR Ten plus. Besides, the jz2000 takes things even further with the addition of side-fairing speakers, which has created a multi-directional soundscape that brings Panasonic’s recent audio efforts to their natural evolution. With a built-in subwoofer, the audio specialists tune these tv speakers at technics. Supporting the latest gaming consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox series x also introduced a low latency feature and support for the HDMI 2.1, which is perfect for playing games at a maximum refresh rate. 

5. LG Transparent Bedside OLED TV 

Best Smart Tvs 2021

At  No. 5 on the list of Best smart TVs 2022 comes LG transparent bedside OLED 2022.Now meet the all-new LG transparent bedside OLED which is the new concept from LG that makes it even better while covering your walls less cluttered, it is not a bed itself but a unit located at the foot of your bed and has a 55-inch transparent display that can extend to different sizes of its housing; thus, you can adjust the screen’s aspect ratio to suit your preferences depending on how far you race it from the base unit of this screen is 40 transparent so that you can look through the display even as you are watching; another cool feature is that it has speakers built into it so you won’t have to worry about cables running across your bed and spoiling the view aside from looking awesome LG transparent bedside OLED will be useful when watching tv or viewing something else in the room while interacting with people.

4. Sony Bravia Master Series Z9J 8K

Best Smart Tvs 2021

At  No. 4 on the list of Best smart TVs 2022 comes Sony Bravia Master series z9j 2022. Sony Bravia Master series z9j, which will give you a theoretical experience straight from your living room couch, is equipped with a cognitive processor XR that analyzes how to see and hear and then optimizes thousands of elements to provide you a whole new experience that completely immerses you in the scene with the possession of a full array led panel its 8k picture quality offers deep natural colors with enhanced blacks and immersive brightness sony’s acoustic multi-audio technology includes frame tweeters to ensure high-frequency sound with front-facing subwoofers that will let you enjoy a much more powerful bass this tv accesses and utilizes a vast amount of data then lowers lotion signals and upscales them close to true 8k quality giving you an immersive viewing experience. Additionally, you will also get the edge on the competition with HDMI 2.1 and enjoy ultra-smooth gaming with 4k at 120fps and the dedicated game mode. 

3. LG Signature Rollable OLED R

Best Smart Tvs 2021
Image Credit: LG

At  No. 3 on the list of Best smart TVs 2022 comes LG Signature Rollable OLED R 2022. Back in CES 2019, LG revealed the world’s first Rollable OLED tv line, and this your CES 121 they have finally unveiled their signature OLED r, which is the world’s first and only Rollable tv in the industry to date; this tv is unique for its 65-inch OLED display that can roll up and completely disappear into its aluminum base. This groundbreaking technology not only reimagines what tv is capable of but also revolutionizes the way you use your space. Additionally, it offers out of this world picture quality that lets you step into the future every time you use your tv, and when the screen rolls away, the OLED art transforms into an amazing sound system so that you will hear your favorite tunes in the immersive sound of Dolby atmos with its powerful 100 watts 4.2 channel speakers.  

2. LG MAGNIT LSAB009 Micro-LED Display

Best Smart Tvs 2021
Image Credit LG

At  No. 2 on the list of Best smart TVs 2022 comes LG MAGNIT LSAB009 Micro-LED Display 2022. Immerse yourself with eye-popping visuals and bring your imagination into life through ultra-fine details with the LG magnet, which you can set up and customize to your preference its screen size is fully customizable to fit your requirements and can be assembled vertically or horizontally so that you can create the screen of your dreams using the alpha seven intelligent processors it can analyze the original content and automatically optimize the clarity and sharpness for a better viewing experience LG applies the full-back coding technology, which surprisingly delivers much deeper black and enhances color vividness providing you with a greater sense of immersion. The magnet also comes with hdr ten pro support, which helps content become vivid with great visual impact and provides a wider color spectrum that will allow you to enjoy lively content, and because of its broadband transmission technology, no signal and power cable connection is required between the cabinets, so you don’t need cables except for connecting the screen to its system controller and power. 

1. Samsung’s The wall micro LED display

Best Smart Tvs 2021

At  No. 1 on the list of Best smart TVs 2022 comes Samsung’s The wall micro LED display 2022. Samsung’s wall, a modular micro-led display that delivers you a revolutionary viewing experience. Enjoy the creative flexibility of modularity, as you will always have the ability to customize the wall to various sizes and designs according to your spatial needs and aesthetic desires. Its micro led technology brings detail to life through superior color purity and a wider color gamut which produces vibrant colors that will give you an impactful visual experience powered by quantum processor flex this display uses AI upscaling technology which will help create a resolution to screen size adjustment while delivering you a perfect view of reality in any size experience infinity with a slim bezel-less design that allows the wall to blend seamlessly into its surroundings and turn your tv into modern art beside the waltz frame also features a refined, sleek metal finish that can be customized to complement the design elements of any room.

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