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10 Steps on how to control your iPhone using head gestures!

Ever wonder why Samsung Galaxy smartphones have head gestures features? Do you have an iPhone and want this same feature?

Many wonders why the Samsung Galaxy smartphones are able to be controlled through simple air gestures and want the same for their iPhone. What most people do not realize is that this is possible! iPhones are also able to be controlled through head gestures. The iFixScreens will show you the 10 simple steps in order to enable this feature!

Step One: How to Access iPhone Head Gestures Features.

First, open Settings on your home screen

Step Two: How to Access iPhone Head Gestures Features.

Second, Go into General Settings

Step Three: How to Access iPhone Head Gestures Features.

Third, Go into Accessibility

Step Four: How to Access iPhone Head Gestures Features. 

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Fourth, Tap on the option labeled “Switch Control” and turn it from OFF to ON. You will be prompt with a pop up message, press OK

Step Five: How to Access iPhone Head Gestures Features.

Fifth, Tap on the Auto-scanning option and turn it OFF.

Step Six: How to Access iPhone Head Gestures Features.

Sixth, Tap on “Switches” from the Switch Control Menu and add a new Switch.

Step Seven: How to Access iPhone Head Gestures Features.

Seventh, Select Camera from the list of options

Step Eighth: 

Eighth, Select either Right Head Movements or Left Head Movements.

Step Nine: 

Ninth, Select from the list an action to be made. These actions include opening the notification center and more.

Step Ten:

Lastly, go back to your home screen. You will now notice there are two blue bars on the sides of your screen. Tilt your head either left or right depending on the direction you initially saved it to do an action!

Not only do the Samsung Galaxy smartphones have the gesture activated features so does iPhone so give it a try! If you need more help or questions come to visit us at any of the following locations. Don’t forget, if you need a screen repair come down and let the iFixScreens team assist you. If you break it, we can repair it! Our Mail-in address is also available to be as convenient for you as possible.

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