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Unlocking Hidden iOS 17 Features: A Guide to know more features on your iPhone

iOS 17 is here, and it's more than just a standard update. It has a hidden hidden feature that can transform your iPhone experience. In this guide, we'll delve into 15 lesser-known iOS 17 features that will take your device to the next level. From enhancing your browsing experience to boosting productivity, iOS 17 has something for everyone.

Key Takeaways:

  • iOS 17 is a transformative update with hidden features that elevate the iPhone experience.
  • The guide explores 15 lesser-known iOS 17 features for enhanced browsing and productivity.
  • iOS 17 introduces numerous features catering to diverse user needs.
  • From Apple Maps' visual look to efficient password sharing, explore the hidden features for an enhanced iPhone experience.

Discovering Hidden iOS 17 Features

As iOS 17 emerges on the horizon, Apple enthusiasts are eager to uncover its well-guarded secrets. This upcoming iOS promises many new features and settings, some of which remain hidden beneath the surface. In this guide, we unveil 15 hidden gems within iOS 17 that will revolutionize your iPhone 15 experience.

Mastering Features on Your iPhone

iOS 17 transforms your iPhone 15 into a powerhouse of possibilities. From the vibrant world of Apple Music to the simplified passcode setup for your new iPhone, this update is poised to elevate your user experience. Whether a music lover or a security-conscious user, iOS 17's new features cater to your needs.

Exploring Hidden iOS 17 Features

Prepare to be astonished as we delve into concealed features within iOS 17. These hidden gems promise to enhance your everyday interactions with your iPhone, from an improved Safari experience to hassle-free verification code management.

  • Automatically Delete Verification Codes in Messages and Mail

Automatically Delete Verification Codes In Messages And Mail

One of the most convenient features of iOS 17 is the ability to delete verification codes received in Messages and Mail automatically. No more cluttered inboxes with codes you no longer need. This simple yet effective feature streamlines your digital life.

  • Use Apple Maps Even Without Internet Service

Use Apple Maps Even Without Internet Service

iOS 17 brings a game-changer for travelers. You can now use Apple Maps offline. Download maps in advance and navigate seamlessly even when you don't have internet access. Say goodbye to getting lost in remote areas.

  • iPhone Widgets Are Now Interactive

Iphone Widgets Are Now Interactive

Widgets have been a great addition to the iPhone's home screen, and in iOS 17, they become even more interactive. Tap your widgets to access various features and information without opening the apps. It's a time-saver for quick tasks and updates.

  • Listen to Songs Seamlessly on Apple Music

Listen To Songs Seamlessly On Apple Music

Apple Music lovers, rejoice! In iOS 17, you can enjoy a seamless cross-fade effect between songs. Say goodbye to awkward pauses between tracks and immerse yourself in your favorite tunes.

  • Don't Read Articles—Listen to Them

iOS 17 introduces a handy feature where your iPhone can read articles aloud. This is perfect for multitasking or when you're on the go. Activate this feature and let your device do the reading.

  • Siri Has a Few More Tricks Up Its Sleeve

Siri, your trusty digital assistant, has some new tricks with iOS 17. It can now perform a broader range of tasks and answer more of your questions. Siri keeps getting smarter with each update.

  • If You Forget Your New iPhone Passcode, Don't Sweat It.

If You Forget Your New Iphone Passcode, Don't Sweat It.

Forgetting your iPhone passcode can be a nightmare. But in iOS 17, it's easier to recover. You can set up a new passcode and use alternative methods like Face ID to unlock your device—no need to panic if you're locked out.

  • You Can Now Share Passwords Easily

Sharing passwords has always been challenging. iOS 17 simplifies the process, making it a breeze to share Wi-Fi passwords and other login details with friends and family.

  • Searching Through Your Text Messages Gets Much Easier

Finding specific text messages is a breeze with iOS 17. Use keywords or phrases to search through your messages and quickly locate the information you need. Say goodbye to scrolling endlessly.

  • Keep Your Private Browsing Private

Private browsing in Safari now comes with a passcode option. This extra layer of security ensures that your online activities stay private. Protect your browsing history with ease.

  • If You're Always Losing Your Apple Watch, You'll Love This New Feature

Are you prone to misplacing your Apple Watch? iOS 17 has your back with a feature that helps you locate your watch quickly. Never waste time searching for your beloved device again.

  • Stop Getting Distracted by GIFs in Safari

Safari in iOS 17 comes with a nifty feature to prevent distractions. Disable GIFs in Safari settings and enjoy a more focused browsing experience.

  • Zoom In to Quickly Crop Photos

Enhance your photo editing with iOS 17's new crop button. Zoom in to capture the details you want and crop your photos effortlessly.

  • Quickly Access Your Photos in Messages

When chatting with friends, it's easier than ever to share photos. Access your photo library directly within the Messages app for seamless sharing.

  • You Can Autofill Email Verification Codes

iOS 17 simplifies the process of verifying your email. Verification codes are now auto-filled, saving you time and effort during the login process.

Final Thoughts

Apple's iOS 17 has introduced several new and exciting features that users can benefit from. From enhanced Apple Music options to a revamped visual look for the Maps app, there are many hidden features and settings that users might need to learn about. Thanks to iOS 17, iPhone users can tap into these lesser-known features and settings to enhance their overall experience.

One notable feature that iOS 17 brings is the ability to use a visual look in Apple Maps. This new feature allows users to adjust the map to their liking, whether zooming in or out, rotating, or tilting the view. In addition, users can find the image results for their map searches, which adds a visual element to their navigation experience.

To access this feature, users can open the Settings app, tap their profile, and then Maps. From here, users can download and use offline maps, which can be helpful in areas with weak or no internet connection. This feature is a game-changer for users who rely heavily on Apple Maps for navigation.

Another useful feature of iOS 17 is the ability to delete verification codes sent through text messages and email automatically. This feature can help declutter users' text messages and email inboxes, as these verification codes are often sent for two-factor authentication or account verifications.

iOS 17 also introduces a new iPhone passcode format, which is more secure and challenging to crack. This added security ensures that users' personal information and data remain protected.

Furthermore, Apple Music on iOS 17 has a new feature that allows users to experience a cross-fade effect between songs. This seamless transition between songs enhances the overall music-listening experience and makes it feel more like a professional DJ handles the music selection.

In conclusion, iOS 17 brings several hidden features and settings that can significantly enhance the iPhone experience. From the visual look in Apple Maps to the ability to automatically delete verification codes, users can tap into these lesser-known features to make the most out of their iPhones. Whether downloading offline maps, taking clear photos, or enjoying a cross-fade effect between songs on Apple Music, iOS 17 has something for everyone. So, if you are an iPhone user, explore all the new features and settings that iOS 17 offers. 


Q: What are some hidden features of iOS 17?

A: iOS 17 has several hidden features you might need to learn about. Some include deleting verification codes sent via text messages and email, using a visual look to identify words and objects, using Apple Maps to navigate, and setting up your email for email verification codes.

Q: How do I delete verification codes via text messages and email?

A: To delete verification codes sent via text messages and email, go into the Messages and Mail apps, find the verification codes, and delete them.

Q: How do I use visual look to identify words and objects?

A: To use Visual Look to identify words and objects, open the Settings app, go to the Vision Pro section, and toggle on the Visual Look feature. Then, launch the Camera app, point it towards the word or object you want to identify, and the device will provide information about it.

Q: How do I use Apple Maps to navigate?

A: To use Apple Maps for navigation, open the Maps app, enter your destination, and follow the on-screen instructions to reach your desired location.

Q: How do I set up my email for email verification codes?

A: To set up your email for verification codes, open the Settings app, go to the Mail section, and enter your email credentials. Then, toggle on the option to delete verification codes after you've entered them automatically.

Q: Can I use a visual look to identify words and objects on my Apple Watch?

A: No, the visual look feature is not available on Apple Watch. It is only available on selected iPhone models.

Q: How do I install iOS 17 on my iPhone?

A: To install iOS 17 on your iPhone, you need to be a part of the Apple Beta Software Program. You can sign up for the public beta on the Apple website and follow the instructions to install iOS 17 on your device.

Q: How do I enable autofill for passwords on iOS 17?

A: To enable autofill for passwords on iOS 17, go to the Settings app, navigate to the Password section, and toggle on the autofill feature. Your device will then automatically fill in your saved passwords whenever required.

Q: Can I delete laundry codes from my keyboard on iOS 17?

A: Yes, iOS 17 allows you to delete laundry codes from your keyboard. When you are typing, and the laundry codes appear as suggestions, swipe left on the code and tap the delete button.

Q: How do I delete email verification codes from the top of my keyboard in the Mail app?

A: To delete email verification codes from the top of your keyboard in the Mail app, swipe down on the verification code banner. This will remove the code from the keyboard and prevent it from cluttering text messages or emails.

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