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Best 5 Can’t-Miss Apps:

5-Cant-Miss Apps

  1. Alto’s Adventure
    1. If you love whimsical endless runner-style games, Alto’s Adventure is a beautiful new offering to add to your collection. The game follows Alto as he snowboards down a mountain in a hunt to recapture his escaped llamas.
  2. Pop — Video Texting
    1. This new video messaging app offers a different take on messaging than Snapchat and other competitors. Pop allows users to exchange short video-only messages that are recorded with a single tap.
  3. Dropbox
    1. Dropbox’s latest update improves how the app handles shared links. Now, when users open shared links, IOS and Android users have the ability to open the links directly in the Dropbox app, rather than in their mobile browsers. Dropbox’s Windows Phone app — a relatively new offering — also got an update this week that added the ability to create and edit shared folder settings
  4. OneNote
    1. The company introduced a new handwriting feature to the OneNote iPad app that enables it to recognize handwritten notes and doodles. The feature also incorporates palm rejection for stylus users so they can rest their hands on the screen while they write. The app was also updated with a new feature that makes text within images searchable across all of OneNote’s apps.
  5. Storm
    1. The app provides detailed customizable weather maps that include radar, satellite, temperature, and wind condition overlays while detailed forecasts show the outlook hour by hour along with historical highs and lows for your area. Unsurprisingly, where the app really shines is in its storm-tracking abilities, which track and analyze a variety of aspects of a single storm with real-time alerts for severe weather.

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