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5 Common iPhone 15 Problems and How To Fix Them

The iPhone 15 landed with all the fanfare of a titanium rocket launch, promising sleek design, cutting-edge tech, and an experience as smooth as polished space-age metal. But since its launch, there have been reports of some challenges with the Smartphone, irrespective of having the best camera to date.

It is customary for a new phone to experience elevated temperatures during the setup and data transfer process. 

Fortunately, addressing this issue is relatively straightforward. A reboot, a common troubleshooting step for technical problems, often proves effective. Another quick solution involves activating auto-brightness to avoid constant maximum brightness, along with additional measures like turning off Bluetooth when not in use, quitting apps utilizing location services, disabling Wi-Fi and Airdrop, or activating airplane or Low Power mode.

It's essential to ensure that your iOS is updated to the latest version, as Apple addressed the overheating concern with a software update released in iOS 17.0.3.

Let's tackle some of the most common iPhone 15 problems users face in this blog.

5 Common Iphone 15 Problems: How To Fix Them

Key Takeaways

  • Common problems include overheating, battery life concerns, and occasional camera app blackout.
  • Despite challenges, iPhone 15 is a commercial success.
  • Solutions serve as secret weapons for occasional hiccups.
  • Embrace the shine, address the shade, and keep your iPhone 15 performing at its best!

Problem: Overheating 


One of the prominent challenges accompanying the new iPhone 15 launch revolves around overheating issues. Initially, this problem surfaced during the phone's release, mainly when users set up their new iPhones. This phase witnessed most instances of overheating.

  • Reboot often helps:  A simple reboot is always the best solution. 

  • Auto-brightness: avoid constant max brightness. Adjusting the brightness can work wonders. 

  • Ditch the case briefly and avoid direct sunlight. 

  • Update to the latest iOS 

If the overheating persists despite these measures, a brief pause for both the phone and the user might be beneficial.

Problem: Titanium- Strong, but with a Delicate Side

Titanium- Strong, But With A Delicate Side

With the new iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple transitioned from stainless steel to brushed titanium for the frame material. This change and a more rounded design enhance the phone's lightweight and ergonomic qualities.

The new titanium frame brings lightness and style, but drop tests reveal it might crack easier than its stainless steel predecessor. 

Some users have also noted what appears to be "discoloration" on the titanium frame due to fingerprint contact. However, this temporary issue can be resolved with a simple wipe.

To address concerns about the titanium frame's durability, use Cases and AppleCare+ as your titanium allies for ultimate peace of mind.

Problem: OLED Blues

Oled Blues

Specific to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, users have reported OLED burn-in issues. OLED burn-in is where remnants of displayed content persist on the screen even after transitioning to other visuals. While this is not exclusive to iPhones, it has raised concerns among iPhone 15 Pro Max users.

OLED burn-in typically occurs when a fixed image is displayed on the screen for an extended period, exacerbated by higher display brightness. Preventive measures include avoiding prolonged display of static images and minimizing brightness when possible.

If burn-in issues persist, mainly due to a defect or quality control concern, it's also recommended to seek screen repair or replacement at an Apple Store or iFixScreens.

Problem: Battery Drain

Battery Drain

The new iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max have encountered reports of slightly diminished battery life compared to their predecessors. To address this, users can explore several adjustments to optimize battery performance.

  • Enabling auto-brightness,

  • adopting dark mode,

  • Turning off background app refresh is among the settings that can contribute to extended battery life.


  • minimizing notifications, 

  • using Wi-Fi over cellular data,

  •  and restarting the iPhone can positively impact battery performance.

  • Activating Low Power mode, which conserves power for essential tasks, is also recommended.

Monitoring battery health through Settings > Battery > Battery Health and Charging is advised. If the battery's maximum capacity falls below 80% within the first year, it may indicate a defective battery warranting replacement by Apple.

Problem: Camera Blackout

Users of the iPhone 15 Pro may encounter a black screen when launching the Camera app, particularly if the Action button is assigned to this function. The only solution currently there's:

  • To quit the Camera app or 

  • Lock the device and attempt to relaunch it.

While the cause remains unclear, this occasional issue can disrupt spontaneous photography moments.

Final Thoughts

Camera Blackout

The Apple iPhone 15 launched with great fanfare and was a commercial success instantly. But still, as you can see, users have been facing problems.

While the iPhone 15 isn't flawless, these solutions are your secret weapons to navigate occasional hiccups. So, embrace the shine, address the shade, and keep your iPhone 15 sparkling with stellar performance!


Q: What are the common problems with the iPhone 15 series?

A: The common problems reported by iPhone 15 users include overheating issues and battery life issues, among others.

Q: How can I fix the overheating issue on my iPhone 15 Pro Max?

A: To fix the overheating issue on your iPhone 15 Pro Max, you can start by ensuring that your device is not exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. Closing background apps and updating to the latest software version may help resolve the issue.

Q: What should I do if my iPhone 15 Pro experiences laggy performance?

A: If your iPhone 15 Pro is lagging, you can try restarting your device and closing unused apps. Additionally, checking for available software updates through the Settings app can help improve the device's performance.

Q: Is there a known fix for the iPhone 15 Pro Max's battery life issues?

A: Yes, addressing battery life issues on the iPhone 15 Pro Max can involve adjusting settings such as reducing screen brightness, disabling background app refresh, and updating to the latest iOS version to resolve software-related issues.

Q: Are there any reported durability issues with the iPhone 15 chassis?

A: There have been some reports of durability concerns related to the titanium chassis of the iPhone 15. If you encounter any issues with the chassis, it's recommended that you contact Apple Support for assistance.

Q: How can I fix the burn-in issue on my iPhone 15 Pro Max screen?

A: If you notice a burn-in on your iPhone 15 Pro Max screen, using the device at lower brightness levels and employing shorter screen timeout settings may help mitigate the issue. Additionally, staying updated with the latest iOS software version can potentially address burn-in problems.

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