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5 Helpful Solutions For A Cracked Screen Repair

A cracked phone screen is a problem with your device that can lead to decreased use or even a total loss of data if not fixed on time. If you are just like other ordinary people, using a cracked screen on your phone is one of the most annoying situations. Especially when you need to use your phone for work and the display becomes irresponsive. We will share the exact steps you can take to fix the broken screen on your smartphone.

1. Identify the level of damage to the screen/display.

Cracked Screen Repair Solutions

Almost everyone uses a screen guard or screen protector to keep the actual phone screen safe. We hope that the screen guard will act as the first line of defense in the event of any accidents. And it does the job most of the time. But sometimes, the fall or impact is so substantial that the damage passes through the screen guard and impacts the original screen. But again, you must know that the actual screen is behind a strong, toughened glass. So if you remove the screen guard and the cracks remain, your glass is damaged. Next, check if your screen functions appropriately. If it does, then it is likely that by just replacing the glass, you will be good to go. But, if the touch function is not working correctly, your LCD needs replacement with glass.

Here are the steps you should take to check if your touch is working correctly.

  • Remove the screen protector and see if the glass still looks damaged.

  • Check the touch functionality across the screen. For android phones, dial *#*#2664#*#*, and the screen test diagnostics will open. If you can touch all the squares, your display is working fine.

From the above steps, you will know if you need to replace the screen protector, glass, or the entire display. To get the exact screen repair cost for your phone, check here.

2. Back up your data while you still can. 

5 Helpful Solutions For A Cracked Screen Repair

You must get all the essential data on your phone backed up before proceeding with a screen repair. Some crucial things to consider backing up include contacts, images, videos, downloaded files, and application data like WhatsApp data files, Call recordings, etc. There are three ways to take a backup.

  1. Back up to your iCloud or Google Drive storage.

  2. Take a local backup on your PC.

  3. Ask an expert like iFixScreens to back up your phone before performing a repair.

3. Check if your manufacturer or insurance still covers the damage under a warranty or plan.

Customer Calling Authorized Store

A lot of times, credit cards cover damages to your purchases. Check if your phone is still covered. Or if you have bought a particular insurance plan which covers physical damages, it is time to get it handy. Check here if you want an insurance plan that covers such physical damages at a low cost.

4. Ask an authorized brand store near you for a quote.

A Customer Support Staff Lady

Every smartphone brand today has its authorized service centers. Check if there is one near you. Knowing the repair cost from the original brand is always a good idea. It helps you compare the price, quality, and warranty terms with other alternative repair shops. Generally, authorized stores provide a 90-day warranty on any parts they replace. But it does not cover any physical damage.

5. Visit a popular local repair store like iFixScreens.

In Store Image Of Ifixscreens Deer Park, Ny For Iphone Repair

Once you visit an iFixScreens store, you can ask for a free diagnostic to assess the damage to your screen. The experts will perform a check and provide a low-cost repair solution. Generally, the cost of cracked screen repair starts from just $79. Depending on the level of damage and your device model, this price can vary. The best part is that iFixScreens covers all repairs under a 180-day hassle-free warranty. And you can claim this warranty at any iFixScreens store near you.

Here are some common myths about fixing a cracked phone screen:

1. Can you fix a cracked phone screen with rice?

No, you can not fix a broken screen with rice. Trying to fix your phone with rice might further increase the problem.

2. Can you use adhesive tape to repair a cracked phone screen?

You can not repair a cracked screen with adhesive tape, but it is wise to do so until you get it fixed with a replacement. An adhesive tape creates a layer between the broken glass and your fingers, thus protecting you from any cuts or bruises.

3. Can you repair a phone screen with toothpaste?

Applying toothpaste to your cracked screen does not fix it. Instead, it could further damage the display, and you may have to pay more for the complete repair. If the liquid in the toothpaste enters your display through broken glass, it will further ruin the condition of your phone.

4. Can you fix a cracked phone screen at home?

Fixing your cracked screen at home with the right tools and spares available is possible. But that is not all. Everything available on YouTube is only sometimes possible. You will also need to be skilled, experienced, and careful while performing this task because one mistake could further damage the phone. It is always best to reach the experts and get it fixed.

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