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5 Must have Photography Accessories for the iPhone 6

A majority of us use our Cell phone cameras as our primary tool for capturing photos. As time goes by the technology behind these integrated cameras has been getting exponentially better and better. It’s gotten to the point that even some of us started taking cell phone photography. For those of us looking to get to the next level of shooting with our cell phones, these are in our opinion the top 5 Must have Photography accessories for the iPhone.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover essential photography accessories to enhance iPhone 6 camera capabilities.
  • Elevate your photography with must-have accessories tailored for iPhone 6.
  • Explore a curated list of accessories that can improve your iPhone 6 photography experience.
  • Unlock creative potential with these top 5 accessories for optimizing iPhone 6 photography.
  • Learn about lenses, tripods, and more that can transform your iPhone 6 into a powerful camera.
  • Get professional-looking shots using expert-recommended accessories for your iPhone 6.
  • Maximize your iPhone 6 camera's potential with these indispensable photography accessories.
Marco Lens Ban

1. Marco Lens Ban

This is a Marco Lens Ban. These lenses allow you to get those super up close and personal Shots that allow you to capture a great amount of detail. You can even stack these lens bands on top of each other to increase magnification. They are a super portable, and pretty cheap. these Lens Bands retail for about $49.95

Luxi Light Meter

2. Luxi Light meter

This odd little guy is the perfect tool for all camera buffs.  This is the Luxi Light meter. Luxi is a diffusion dome add-on that attaches to the front of your phone to help you snap perfectly exposed images. Definitely a must in our book.  This device retails for around $29.84


3. Camalapse

If you are looking for mobile awesome time lapses this is a must. Camalapse is a portable Phone holder that rotates a full 360 degrees in an hour. This one retails for about $40 but is definitely one of the coolest items on this list!

Portable Pocket Light

4. Portable pocket light

Lights.. Camera… Action! This portable pocket light is ideal for low light situations and is an awesome to keep handy. It will avoid the harshness of camera flashes and an be diffused even more so if necessary. This little guy doesn’t require batteries, but is rechargeable device. The Pocket Spotlight Retails For About $30.


5. EEEKit

And last but not least, the EEEKit is an awesome bang for your buck introductory level kit to start your “Celltography” journey! This kit retails for around $32.97 and includes an extendable tripod and a bluetooth remote control!


Final Thought:

In conclusion, equipping your iPhone 6 with these essential photography accessories can truly transform your photography experience. From enhancing lighting and stability to expanding creative possibilities, these must-have accessories open up a world of photography potential. Whether you're a casual photographer or a passionate enthusiast, investing in these tools can elevate your iPhone 6 photography to a whole new level. So, seize the opportunity to capture stunning images and explore your artistic side with the aid of these indispensable accessories.

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