5 New Features on Google Maps

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5 New Features on Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most popular mobile apps in this world. it’s update released by Google instantly impacts millions of people.

released new updates for its Google Maps apps on Android and on the iPhone.

5 new features on Google Maps


  • Sharable directions — this lets users quickly and easily share directions with any contact.
  • Filter searches for restaurants by cuisine type —  users can finally drill down restaurant searches by cuisine.
  • Add transit directions to your calendar — now when you add a work meeting or any other event to your schedule, you’ll be able to include transit directions right in the calendar entry!
  • Drop a pin for your starting and destination points in directions and navigation — this new feature makes navigating much easier.
  • See current weather information for cities around the world — a nice new feature for users who are performing searches.


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