5 Pro Tips To Charge iPhone Faster

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Most of us are stuck in our homes due to multiple waves of pandemics and pretty much working from home. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a fast-charging iPhone; moreover, being stuck in the house is miserable enough; we don’t want to be stuck into the cable length.

Plus, when it comes to charging, other brands seem to be leaping lightyears ahead. Take One Plus budget phone Nord 2 5G, which gets to cent percent in almost 30 minutes, or take Xiaomi 120W Mi 10Ultra, which reaches to quarter in just three minutes. So for any apple user, this may seem like a tortoise beside a rabbit. But don’t forget the moral of the story. It appears that for now, Apple inc doesn’t even want to participate in the race. Even the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max has relatively slow charging. 

So why does apple seems to be not interested in the race? The answer is in lithium-ion battery technology. Fast charging generates more heat, which can lead to battery damage, including the charging cycle it goes through, potentially shortening the useful life of your phone. So Apple seems to have found a balance with 50% in half an hour (using the correct charger), the standard since 2017’s iPhone 8.

However, there are a few things you can do that can drastically reduce the charging time of your iPhone. Before we start, we want to tell you that we won’t be including things like 

  • Turn OFF your phone
  • Put your phone in airplane mode

Asking people to turn off the phone or something like that at these times, especially when being online connected, is more than a necessity. So let’s get down to our list of

Tips To Make Your iPhone Charge Faster

Don’t use old Apple chargers or your Apple Watch charger.

Tips To Charge Iphone Faster

Apple fans are the ones who do this more often, using older apple chargers of their previous device or watch. Using a basic 5V low power charger may not harm your battery in any way. However, an imbalance is being created by the battery requirement and the charger output, which indirectly prolongs the charging time, and such long charging times affect the battery. However, Apple’s 12W iPad charger may be an exception as it does quite a decent job of charging around 40% in 30 minutes, but still, we suggest you go for the charger made for the device.


Stay away from wireless charging.

Tips To Charge Iphone Faster

The wireless charger may look cool; however, they are pretty obsolete when it comes to usability and convenience. We mean it restricts devices to be kept on one pad, even if it is portable than to carry a big case along with the phone when the pin charger can accomplish better results.

Plus, it works on induction which means it generates lots of heat inside your phone, so the heat generated from this and the battery themselves can damage the longevity of your battery in a big way. Plus, this also results in a compounding effect in the battery as the heat produced by wireless interaction produces more heat due to increased resistance in the battery.


Avoid other fast chargers.

Ever tried gulping down food so fast and beyond your capacity that you feel like throwing up the next minute. Unfortunately, using other chargers to charge iPhones is somewhat similar. Plus, Fast charge adapters made for other phones do not work well with iPhones. As iPhone tries to protect the device from any sudden rise in amps, the input you are putting into is similar to a basic 5W Apple charger.


Possibility of using a laptop charger

You might be able to use your recent MacBook charger, as MacBook power adapters work just fine with iPhones. They may seem overwhelmingly powerful for your iPhone. Still, PD standard will be able to handle it and deliver the exact amount required by your iPhone. And also, due to the precise power delivery required by your device, there won’t be any issue regarding iPhone overheating or overcharging.


Use External batteries

So we have kept our best for the last. External batteries are the best for tackling the slow charging iPhones. They give you portability, plus you can charge them as fast as you can as it won’t damage the internal battery in any way. Just stick your external battery to give your iPhone the juice it requires, and the great thing is, it will be charged precisely that’s ideal for your iPhone. So you get the best of both worlds portability thanks to induction charging you get from the external battery (which is much better than dysfunctional wired induction chargers), and your iPhone gets the exact pace it needs to be charged at.

So this completes our list of things you should do to make your iPhone charge faster. But we won’t be leaving you with just some suggestions. So instead, here are the best wireless charger you should consider buying. if you want the best, you have two options one is Apple MagSafe Battery Pack, and the other is the Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K.


The Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K

Tips To Charge Iphone Faster

The Anker PowerCore has a power button that must be turned on to begin charging, which we think can be avoided by the company as it solves no purpose, and also it feels like one extra step. You can see the amount of battery juice left by the LED lights. You can also charge both your phone and the battery pack simultaneously by plugging in the battery pack and attaching it to your phone, and it will charge your phone first and then recharge itself, so it takes care of the priority. It doesn’t support Lightning charging; however, it supports USB-C, unlike the latter one, which you can use to charge non-MagSafe devices.

Anker will only charge your iPhone with 5W of power when attached magnetically, leveling up to Apple’s charger. However, it goes up to only 10W when plugged in with USB-C. So this is an excellent option if you are on a budget of just $49.


Apple’s MagSafe Battery

Charge Iphone Faster

Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack follows the elegant and simple procedure of just popping up the battery magnetically, and it begins charging. So no extra process of clicking the button to start charging. The battery widget in your iPhone shows the juice left on the battery, which is ok however you won’t be able to see the battery while not using the phone. It’s a sacrifice you make to get a solid, sturdy seamless design, we guess.

 When it’s attached magnetically to your iPhone 12, it is only capable of 5W of charging power, similar to Anker, which is ok as it isn’t restricting you in any way. However, if you plug in the battery pack, you will see the 15W of MagSafe charging speed, which is better than the previous option. So if you want to stick with the best, you shouldn’t mind the price tag of $99.


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