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Top 5G Ready Smartphones To Buy Under 600 USD In 2020

5G is the demand for the new era and a smartphone without a 5G support will not be able to survive after 2020. So, smartphone manufacturing companies are striving day and night to produce 5G phones that are elegant and fast at the same time.

We have here with us the top three 5G ready smartphones from some of the leading brands in the world. Let’s move further and have a look at their basic features.


Samsung Galaxy A51 5G UW

Samsung Galaxy A51 5G Uw

This is one of the latest machines released by Samsung in the series of their 5G phones. The previous version of Samsung A51 did not support 5G, but now it has come with something interesting.


With the 6.5 inches of display and 1080 x 2400 pixels, this sleek phone gives you a very good watch time.

Moreover, the combination of Android 10, Octa-Core processor, and 6GB Snapdragon 765G presents you with fast and efficient processing.

Samsung maintains the same standard of the Quad camera at 48MP+12MP+5MP+5MP with 4K video capture. However, you get the 32MP selfie camera.

The Li-Po 4500 mAh, the non-removable battery supports fast charging with a C-type charging port.

You can get this beautiful machine just at $374.99.


Oppo Reno4 5G

Oppo Reno4 5G

Oppo is emerging as a successful contender of Samsung from the past few years. Besides, its masterpieces like Reno4 5G are being enjoyed by young people around the world.  


Released in 2020, June 5, this phone brings you 5G supported technology and some amazing features.

Its 6.43 inches large display and a 1080 x 2400 pixels resolution make it distinguished from the other mainstream phones.

The Android 10, Octa-Core processor, and 8GB Snapdragon 765G combination is second to none.

Furthermore, the 48MP+8MP+2MP cameras provide you some amazing results that people long for. Also, the dual selfie camera with 32MP+2MP is there to capture your memorable moments.

However, the Li-Po 4000 mAh, the non-removable battery may seem a bit smaller when compared to other features, but it provides ample run time to a user.

This smashing device is priced at $549.49. Unfortunately, this brand is not available in the US yet. But our next choice is a killer and soon to be launched in the US!


OnePlus Nord

A U.S based cell phone manufacturing company; OnePlus has something interesting for us now. Yes, it is the all-new OnePlus Nord (Also known as OnePlus 8 NORD 5G) released on 2020, August 4.


With an amazingly large display of 6.44 inches, you get a 1080 x 2400 pixels resolution to watch the HD and UHD videos.

Moreover, its Octa-Core processor and 8GB Snapdragon 765G make it a perfect fit for gaming like PUBG. The storage capacity of this version is up to 128GB.

Now here we have an amazing camera combination. You get the 48MP+8MP+5MP+2MP Quad camera on the back, while the dual camera of 32MP+8MP on front. Nothing can be much better than this!

A fast-charging supported Li-Po 4115 mAh, the non-removable battery has the capacity to run all these things the whole day long for you.

The official price of this variant is expected to be around $471. It will soon be available and you can sign-up for the beta version here

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