7-Reasons to buy Used iPhone.

Why smart reasons why people buy used iPhone yet. you heard that right used iPhones. Under a couple of conditions they have to be in good condition, of course, you don’t want to get one with a bunch of scratches on it all that stuff, but I want to explain to you know seven reasons why We think this is a great idea in 2021. So lets begin with the

7-Reasons to buy Used iPhone


1. Software Stability and Consistency

Okay, so reason number one is that the software is the same version on all of them. Not only that, but people are going to buy used iPhone because they get longevity even if they buy an older version of the phone, so yes, the iPhone 12 is the latest and greatest from Apple, but if you bought an iPhone eight today, you’re still on the latest software. You’re going to be on it for quite some time, same with the iPhone 10 are if this is just a little bit too high, the iPhone 11 get an iPhone 10 are you’re on the latest software once again. So hence, the longevity factor that we know is the key to iOS is an extremely good reason it’s a smart idea.

 2. Consistency with design

used iPhone

The next smart reason people buy Used iPhones because Apple likes to wait to change anyway, so what I mean by that well I mean that if you buy an iPhone 10, are, for example, used on the use market I mean, look at the similarities to the iPhone 11 and 12, and it takes them a while to change out to a newer design, and I will bet that the iPhone 13 that replaces the 12 is going to be somewhat similar to these phones as well so they keep that same design philosophy for quite some time now the iPhone 8 is a little bit different, but that was after like four times using the same design we had iPhone 6 iPhone 6s iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 all look the same, so I would expect this trend to continue with the iPhone 13 to we’ll see, but I think that’s what’s going to happen, so you know if you buy a used iPhone, essentially what I’m saying here is that your design is probably not going to look too outdated.

3. Sudden drop in the Value

used iPhone rate decrease

 So smart reason number three why  people buy use iPhones is because the value drops even slower. Hence, the person who’s going to take the biggest hit on the iPhone is the person who buys it new. Now I’m not saying it’s a bad idea to buy you get a fresh battery cycle and stuff like that, but at the same time, you’re going to take the biggest hit on loss on your investment. I mean, these are not great investments, to begin with, but for example, you buy an iPhone 11 at 700, yes, it’s going to hold on better than an Android phone. You’re going to get 500 back, but somebody who buys a used iPhone 10 are at, say, 500 bucks. They’re probably only going to drop a hundred bucks in their value or maybe 150 because it slows down as the years go on. It starts to lose its value slowly. With the new iPhone, you lose a lot of value in the first year, so buying a used iPhone is a brilliant idea because the value doesn’t drop as quickly as one.

4. Get the iPhone you want at affordable rates

the next one is to get the exact iPhone you want to use now, the iPhone 8. When Apple does decide to get rid of it is going to be a phone that I think it’s still going to be a good value same goes for the iPhone 8 plus, but it’s not going to be available anymore officially from Apple, but what’s an advantage of buying a used iPhone and why I think people buy use iPhones as they can find their own, you know, specific iPhone that they’re looking for in their specific color, sometimes they get rid of a phone in their lineup that you wanted that exact color for, so that could be a good reason to buy a used iPhone.

5. Making switch from Android to IOS for the first time

used iPhone

reason number five is a great way to try something new for less money so if you’re the type of person who’s like, you know what I want to try IOS, well sensible people are going to buy a used iPhone to try it out first because you buy a used one it’s a less risky investment in terms of purchasing a new iPhone at a higher cost, and you get to try out iOS I think I phone eight is a great way to try out iOS or go with something like a ten are if you could find that around the same price point as like an eight or at eight-plus ten are can be a great way to try iOS as well if you haven’t tried it before you want to get your feet wet inside of the iOS ecosystem so people buy use iPhones because it’s a great way to try IOS for a cheaper price so frequently.

 6. Even the Used iPhone’s are better than competition

A number six, the iPhone will be ahead of competitors even though it’s last year’s models, so yeah, you can buy used I phone 11 right now for cheaper. You’re going to get a better camera performance and a better video performance than a lot of its competitors in 2021. Hence, the iPhone 11 is a great use purchase.  People will consider this because they’re thinking like, okay, I can get a used iPhone 11 for cheaper than some of these newer competitors out here. I’m going to get an amazing camera and video performance that’s on par with Apple’s best iPhone 12 Pro max.

7. Saving World VS Saving Money.

used iPhone

At number 7 and the most important of all, maybe you are not concerned about money, but I think I am sure you will be concerned about it. “Global Warming and Pollution”. 

Before you ever see your iPhone, there’s an amazing journey that it goes on. Every individual part of your iPhone has its own little story. They’re sourced from 43 different countries on all six continents. There’s no way I could go into every single component, but let’s just take one thing, the processor, the sort of brain of your iPhone. The processor starts as raw materials, tons of raw materials like boron from Turkey or copper from Chile or tantalum from Rwanda and way, way more that are mined in different countries and shipped to a factory in Taiwan where it is manufactured and then shipped to the Philippines to be tested and packaged before it is then shipped to China or India now to be integrated into your phone. And that is just for the little processor in your iPhone, not to mention the screen and the casing and the camera. Each one of these has components that are sourced from all around the world. Now imagine the carbon footprint and the kind of world we are leaving behind with that.

And apples recent push pack against the RIGHT TO REPAIR is making things even worst. This is the reason why you would think Apple to be a hypocrite. On the one hand, Apple claims to be carbon neutral and makes big fake proclamations about it. On the other hand, it fights against those who want to repair those devices to make them last longer. Read it in detail in “Apple VS Right To Repair!!! Explained” 

So establishing Apple’s every device to be carbon neutral by 2030 be just a marketing gimmick and practically impossible. Using a Used iPhone is the best you can do to support the environment protection initiatives. As “less you will consume more you would pass on to the next generation”.

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