9 Best Smart Speakers in 2022

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Getting stuck in your house or spending most of the time working from home can be nerve-wracking. The good thing is some things can make your stay at home more interesting: a movie, game, or your favorite web series. There is a reason why the global consumption of multimedia has increased by 5 in the last two years. Whatever the poison your mind prefers, it would be lame without the ice of sound. The reason why we have brought you our list of

9 Best Smart Speakers in 2022

Number nine

Marshall UX bridge 

9 Best Smart Speakers In 2022

Marshall’s UX bridge smart speaker has a characterful design that nods to the legendary brand’s guitar amplifiers. Equally excellent top-panel controls complement its gorgeous retro design for playback volume bass and treble. The last two bits set the product apart from all of the other options on this list. Marshall equipped the UX bridge with a woofer tweeter and high-quality amplifier that delivers an entertaining sound worthy of the gadget’s design. Tim Gideon from pcmag noted that the product provides respectable audio performance and hands-free Alexa voice control in a stylish package.

Even though it looks old-school, the Marshall UX bridge packs apple airplay 2 and Google Chromecast, two of today’s most popular wireless streaming standards. Bluetooth connectivity is also available. Amazon Alexa powers this product variant, but don’t worry if you are a google assistant user. Marshall offers a version with the google assistant on board as well. Although with the plus points like Strong look, Reasonably detailed, a brand like Marshall backing it has got quite negatives like Uxbridge Voice falls too short on audio quality, falls too short on the best multi-room speakers in terms of features. So, for this reason, it has been ranked 9th on our list of Best Smart Speakers of 2022.

Number eight

Bose Portable Smart Speaker

9 Best Smart Speakers In 2021

The Bose Portable Smart Speaker is compatible with Amazon Alexa, the google assistant. Apple airplay 2. However, the product is ideal for a backyard or a patio, thanks to a water-resistant build. There’s wi-fi in range with Bluetooth connectivity and a convenient handle. The device is suitable for use anywhere; it is deservedly one of our favorite waterproof speakers like all Bose products. The portable home speaker delivers a rich and entertaining sound; its built-in microphones pick up voice commands too. The intelligent speaker can last up to 12 hours between charges. It packs a USB-c connector for replenishing its battery; Bose also offers an optional charging cradle for the speaker. Although it’s a great smart speaker with powerful audio, rich bass, and crisp highs, it isn’t deafening against its outdoors utility. Plus, it downmixes stereo content into mono, which eventually drags this to number 8 on our list of Best Smart Speakers of 2022.

Number seven

Amazon Echo Studio

9 Best Smart Speakers In 2021

Amazon echo studio is an Alexa-powered speaker made for discerning audio files; a cnet reviewer referred to the product as the most significant and best-sounding speaker Amazon has produced. To date, the echo studio packs five audio drivers, which combine to deliver adobe atmos enhanced sound with phenomenal quality. A speaker is an excellent option for experiencing its maker’s amazon music HD streaming service. Our favorite bit about the amazon echo studio is its ability to wirelessly connect with a fire tv streaming device to upgrade the sound of the video content; streaming users can also pair two echo studio speakers for a stereo setup or add an echo sub for an even more powerful base. Like the new amazon echo, the fabric-covered studio is a robust smart home hub that will effortlessly control compatible appliances with voice commands. In addition, it has some good plus points for its excellent value for its size and power, Loud and clear sound, and some compelling directional audio. However, its negative points on paper 3D music and, in reality, lacking it, and requires Amazon HD music to enjoy its real potential, drags its ranking to No. 7 on our list of Best Smart Speakers of 2022.

Number six

Bose Smart Soundbar 300

9 Best Smart Speakers In 2021


The Bose soundbar 300 is the best smart soundbar available today, compatible with Amazon Alexa and google assistant. It has an impressively compact footprint, an easy setup, and an audio performance worthy of a home entertainment centerpiece. The impressive sound of the bose soundbar 300 comes courtesy of four full-range audio drivers and a center-placed tweeter. A digital trans editor tested the speaker and found it a superb choice for music and movies in small to medium-sized rooms with an expansive sound and innovative extra features. With eight built-in microphones, the soundbar 300 can hear a voice command from across a large room with music blasting at high volumes users can expand the audio experience by adding a base module and surround speakers in case you are after the best home entertainment audio that money can buy consider the pricier bose soundbar 700 it has a sleeker design and even more sound improvements. Its spectacular wireless connectivity options, bass adjustment feature, and loud sound with minimal compression artifacts help it make it to our list. However, its lack of EQ or room correction, low bass, and Atmos support drags it to No. 6 on our list of Best Smart Speakers of 2022.

Number five

Google Nest Audio

9 Best Smart Speakers In 2021

The Google Nest audio smart speaker is our favorite for google assistant as it is most affordably priced at just USD 100. It has a refined design, impressive audio performance for its compact design, easy setup, and the ability to control many smart home gadgets. The nest audio sounds better than its 100 price tag suggests when it comes to acoustic capabilities. Powered by a 75-millimeter woofer and a 19-millimeter tweeter, it delivers a crisp and rich sound with just the right amount of bass. We like the option to easily pair a duo of speakers for an even more captivating stereo sound that still won’t break the bank. If you’re looking for a google assistant powered speaker on a tighter budget, consider the nest mini instead. It has a more compact design with the same fabric finish but only one audio unit for considerably less. Its features like improved audio quality, pairing two in stereo for a better music experience, and lower price almost take it to the top of the list and the title of being most affordable. However, its little punch of bass and volume output and unreliable Multi-room voice controls make it on our list of No 5 Best Smart Speakers of 2022.

Number four

Amazon Echo: the Fourth Generation

9 Best Smart Speakers In 2021

Amazon’s latest thoroughly redesigned echo speaker is an equally great option for first-time smart speaker buyers and Alexa users looking for an upgrade. The product has a beautiful design and a surprisingly immersive sound, all at an excellent 100 price point thanks to a built-in ZigBee smart home hub. The gadget can effortlessly control a plethora of connected home products without the help of additional hardware. A review editor from the verge concluded that the latest echo is a great-sounding speaker that does a million other things. We couldn’t agree more that the amazon echo dot, on the other hand, has the same design as the echo but a more compact footprint and a lower price tag. It lacks acoustic capabilities, and the smart home hot the functionality of the bigger echo. Still, it costs half as much you can order the 4th generation echo and echo dot with a fabric finish in charcoal glacier white and twilight blue. Hats off to Amazon for using recycled aluminum fabric and plastics to make this product. However, its High-frequency sounds don’t get as much finesse as they could, and then there is Awkward Alexa, which can sometimes be a nuisance to talk to. So for those reasons, it is placed rightfully on No. 4 on our list of Best Smart Speakers of 2022.

Number three 

Apple Homepod

9 Best Smart Speakers In 2021


The Apple homepod has the best audio quality of any smart speaker that we’ve tested available in white or space grey. The device sounds impressive for its size, and it’ll wow you every time you play your favorite tunes. It also picks up voice commands better than its competitors. The audio quality of the apple homepod comes courtesy of seven high-end audio drivers, a high excursion woofer, apple’s a8 processor, and six built-in microphones combined. They let the speaker constantly deliver great sound regardless of where it’s placed. You can pair two home pods for authentic stereo sound or use multiple units in a multi-room setup. An upcoming update will make the product even more exciting by bringing immersive Dolby Atmos and surround sound. The new features will allow users to replace an entire home theater system by connecting two home pod speakers with an apple tv 4k. However, its limitedness to Apple Music and devices only keeps it on No. 3 & from making it into our list of Best Smart Speakers of 2022.

Number two

Sonos 1 Gen 2

9 Best Smart Speakers In 2021

The Second-generation Sonos 1 is another solid option compatible with Amazon Alexa and googles assistant. It has an easy setup, six microphones for seamless hearing voice commands, and convenient touch controls. The speaker is also compatible with apple airplay 2 for seamless audio connection with an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook with two high-quality audio drivers onboard. The speaker sounds incredible for its size; of course, being a Sonos product, the speaker, available in black or white, is easy to incorporate into an existing setup in your home. The Sonos one received high review scores from tech radar; the editor observed that the speaker is a cleanly designed, feature-rich, and great-sounding device that brings together the best of both ecosystems. However, its limited connectivity to no Bluetooth or wired connection keeps it runner-up, in our list of Best Smart Speakers of 2022.

Number one

Bose Home Speaker 300

9 Best Smart Speakers In 2021

The Bose home speaker 300 offers the best of all worlds. It has an elegant design with an all-metal body, a powerful 360 degrees sound with booming bass, and support for apple airplay. It also has a seamless connection with an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. Best of all, the product is compatible with Amazon Alexa. The google assistant users can choose the virtual helper they prefer during its setup. Equipped with a six microphone array, the home speaker 300 is also great at hearing voice commands, even at high volumes. We like that it has six customizable buttons for one-touch access to favorite content. Other noteworthy highlights include Bluetooth connectivity and its ability to pair to another 300 speakers for an immersive stereo sound. I recommend the bose home speaker 500 for 100 more if the budget permits. It has a similar design and functionality but a more powerful stereo sound and a fantastic color display. We couldn’t find any negative that could move it from the top position.


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