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Issues With Oneplus 7T

9 New Found Issues With OnePlus 7T

OnePlus is deemed amongst the premium android phones accessible in the market. The latest OnePlus 7T consists of Android 11 and the enhanced Oxygen OS made to create a captivating user experience. However, there remains a few bugs since the latest model has been released. It can be quite challenging for a user to find a solution to these issues on the internet. Thus, here is a compilation of the nine most prevalent problems users are facing in OnePlus phones and how to resolve them:


  1. New Found Issues With OnePlus 7T – Problems with Display Tint

Display problems in OnePlus phones have been quite common since its first release. These problems are greater in OnePlus 7T which need to be resolved by the OnePlus company. Additionally, a minor tint on the screen is visible when switching to the dark mode on OnePlus, and the solution to this glitch is still awaiting by the company.


However, if you are facing an issue with the flickering screen, it can be due to the 90Hz refresh rate of your display. You have the option to reduce the refresh rate from 90Hz to 60Hz by going to Settings > Display and revert display to 60Hz. If you choose to reduce your refreshing rate, it will improve your phone’s overall battery life and reduce strain on your eyes. The other side is your display will look less impressive when compared to a 60Hz display.


2. New Found Issues with OnePlus 7T – Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

There can be Wi-Fi connectivity issues due to misconfiguration of the router or stuffed Wi-Fi networks on your phone, resulting in various cases of nearby Wi-Fi networks not connecting to the device. By restarting the device and router, you can easily fix this connectivity issue. Go to Network Settings > Wi-Fi and forget your Wi-Fi network. After restarting, the connectivity problem should be fixed so try again reconnecting the Wi-Fi.

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 3. New Found issues with OnePlus 7T – Touch Screen Issues

Various gamers playing popular games like PubG are facing issues with the touch screen while in-game mode. The complaint has been about the multitouch gesture does not work. OnePlus has not come up with a solution to this problem yet, although some pro gamers have noticed a temporary fix to the issue, which is to reset the phone to factory default. If you face a similar issue, try resetting your device (make sure you back up all your data). This should temporarily fix your multitouch issue.


4. New Found issues with OnePlus 7T – Fingerprint Scanner Issues

Some users have faced problems with fingerprint scanning in the OnePlus 7T. However, the device looks functionally beautiful and has efficiency in functionality. The problem of fingerprint detection can be easily resolved by cleaning the screen with a clean cloth and taking off all the screen marks. Now try to unlock the phone again with clean hands. The device should unlock now.


5. New Found issues with OnePlus 7T – Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

Many users have reported this issue on the OnePlus forum that they have been facing Bluetooth connectivity difficulties while connecting/ pairing their devices to their car’s Bluetooth audio systems. To fix this problem:


  1. Turn off your Bluetooth device and disconnect your Bluetooth device.
  2. Reset your Bluetooth connections by unpairing all the paired devices.
  3. Try reconnecting to your car’s audio system and pairing the devices.
6. New Found Issues with OnePlus 7T – Battery Heating Issue

OnePlus 7T users might primarily face battery heating issues due to excessive resource usage on the device system. Close or force stop all the background running apps, To reduce the battery heating issue in your OnePlus device. Please turn off your device (for at least 10 to 15 minutes and let it cool down). When turned on, ensure all the background apps that take up more energy and resource are uninstalled. Also, reduce your phone’s brightness levels to save battery and reduce the battery heating problem in the OnePlus 7T.

7. New Found Issues with OnePlus 7T – Internet and Network Issues

Another common issue with OnePlus 7T is cellular network issues which can hamper their experience while calling and texting. To fix this issue, reset your network using the following mention steps: 


  • Go to Settings
  • Click on System > Reset Options > Reset WiFi, Mobile & Bluetooth
  • Click Reset Settings

This should fix the issue. If not, disable the SIM card settings and enable them again. Make sure that you have the right APN settings.


8. Common issues with OnePlus 7T – Issues with Camera

Some users have reported issues while using the camera when NFC is enabled. Moreover, in a few cases, users cannot take pictures or record videos with NFC running in their background. However, iFixscreens has a 4 – step solution for this.


  • Go to Settings
  • In the dashboard settings, you will find the “more” option and proceed further
  • You will find NFC listed in the section and tap on NFC.
  • Click on the disable button in the NFC section.

If these steps are not applicable on your device, then iFixScreens experts advise you to wait for the next bug fix update from OnePlus or an OS that should fix the existing problem.


9. Common issues with OnePlus 7T – Oxygen OS bugs

Some reports of the upgraded Oxygen OS show glitches in some features because of compatibility problems with other applications. Therefore, for the smooth functioning of Oxygen OS, it is essential to update all of your apps and check for the latest versions.


The Official OnePlus forums are where you should report the problems you are facing with your OnePlus 7T. Routine patch updates can resolve the prevalent issues. The best method to avoid these problems in the first place is by updating your phone and the applications. If you still see issues with your phone, visit the iFixScreens store near you.


You can ask a question on OnePlus Forum.


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