About iFixScreens: Your Trusted Device Repair Experts

So much more than just screen repairs!

At iFixScreens we are loved for the exceptional screen repair services. But there is so much more that we do! From Laptops and iPads, to Desktops and Smart Watches, our repair services have grown into a vast variety. With more than 10 years of experience in this business, our stores are performing over a million repairs every year yielding so many happy customers. With our first flagship store in Centereach, NY we have come a long way with the love of our customers. Today, iFixScreens operates with multiple stores across the New York, Georgia, and Florida markets.

Customer > Tech

Across any of our services, our first priority is to repair the damaged device, and replace it only if it is irreparable. We believe that the repair services we perform add tremendous value to our customers by not only saving them money but also saving the environment by prolonging the life of these smart devices. Above all, it is the customer's satisfaction that we strive for in each and every repair. It is the satisfaction of our customers that has helped us build our trusted brand to what it is today.

iFixScreens Brand Values

We believe in the right To repair. As a trusted brand, we always make sure that you spend the least amount of money on repairs and are presented with the best repair options instead of simply replacing the device. Also, across all of our stores, you always have the right to know the cost of repair before you place an order. This means you can ask for a Free Diagnosis of your device and know the cost of repair before you make a decision. 

At iFixScreens, we hire people from local communities where our stores are located. We like to hire people who have little to no experience but the willingness to learn and excel. We take that person and transform them into “mini us” by instilling our core values and our consistent drive to succeed.

Top Quality is our only policy

A cheap repair that lasts for 2 weeks is more expensive than a standard repair that keeps you covered for years. That is why we make sure that the quality of the parts we use meets the highest OEM quality standards. This gives us the confidence to provide you with a 180-day hassle-free warranty on any parts we install on your device.

Top Quality Is Our Only Policy
Ifixscreens Centereach Device Repair Store Near Me For Smartphone Repair, Tablet Repair, Computer Repair, And More
Ifixscreens Centereach Device Repair Store Near Me For Smartphone Repair, Tablet Repair, Computer Repair, And More

Consistently Growing!

New York Georgia Florida

It all started when we opened our first store in Centereach, NY in the year 2012. We started with just one objective- To provide the best quality screen repairs at the most affordable cost. Gradually, we added more services like battery replacements, camera repairs, and computer repairs. Then, with the help of our partners, we opened a few more retail stores in the New York market. Today, with the love and trust of our customers, iFixScreens is operating proficiently in the New York, Georgia, and Florida markets as a preferred device repair store.