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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that your device is “your baby” and you want to leave it in the best of hands.  That’s why at iFixScreens we want you to provide you with a list of the most common questions we get…and the answers to those questions…so you have complete confidence in trusting your repair to our professionals.

General Questions?

The turnaround time for most repairs is remarkable. For those dropping by our locations we can typically do a repair within an hour, but we may quote you 2 hours just to be on the safe side. For users of our mail-in repair service in most instances we are able to ship them back their phone the same day we receive it.

All phones go through quality assurance and inspection before being returned to their owners. All parts and repairs are warranted for 180 days from the date of repair or shipping. (Terms & Conditions Applied)

We use only high quality original or OEM parts in all of our repairs.
You need to print out your order form and send it with the phone. Other than that, we do not need a charger, box or case.


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Absolutely. Please contact us at (855) 462-4349 and we’ll quote you on the most cost effective route to get you back up and running.

Absolutely. Check out our locations and drop your device off at the nearest location.

Security Questions?

We are an incorporated business in the State of NY. We are in the business of fixing phones and tablets not stealing them. If you send your phone and tablet in for repair you will receive updates as your phone is received, repaired, and returned back to you!

And if you have any questions call us at (855) 462-4349 during normal business hours to discuss any of your concerns.

At i Fix Screens we do not store ANY of your private data. You may password protect your device while shipping to us to protect your data if you choose to. However, doing so will limit our ability to test certain parts of the phone to insure they are working properly (ie: camera, signal antenna, etc…) As a result if you pasword protect the phone we are not responsible and cannot guarantee the ability of those features to work properly.