READY TO OWN YOUR OWN smartphone repair store? We are expanding in select markets throughout the United States. As we grow, we identify sites that are convenient for our customers to access quickly and easily. Our locations fit into many retail environments, from malls and kiosks, to strip centers and local neighborhoods. If you enjoy learning about consumer technology, working with new products, and providing great customer service, i Fix Screens may be the business for you. Contact us today for franchise opportunity.

Why i Fix Screens?

Why Join i Fix Screens

Our strong brand, industry-leading franchisee support and sought-after products. That’s why.

Financial Requirements

In order to insure the success of the store, we require a $150,000 net worth, with $75,000-$125,000 of this in liquid assets, for all potential franchisees. A “liquid asset” is something that can accessed quickly (ie: cash, stocks) as opposed to non-liquid asset (ie: real estate) which could take months to sell.


IT Requirements

Repair experience is not required but it would be beneficial to have an IT background for consideration. We accept partnerships for ownership of a store, so it is the combined assets and experience of the partnership that is used in determining whether or not an application for franchising is accepted or not.


Real Estate Requirements

Although we at i Fix Screens do scout out areas for new stores you are free to apply for a store in a particular location. This location must be approved by i Fix Screens, with the primary areas of consideration being:
Average net worth of the neighborhood
Obviously, the more traffic in an area and the higher the average net worth in any area, the better the chances that your location will be approved. Once you have submitted a location request in writing to i Fix Screens, we will analyze the area based upon the three indices listed above, as well as the locations of existing stores, and make a final determination of whether or not a location is acceptable.


Financing of the Franchising Fee

i Fix Screens provides no financing. We are seeking those individuals looking to invest their time and their money into building a successful franchise. Additionally, there is no way for us to make a determination of how profitable a store will be.


Steps to becoming an i Fix Screens franchisee!

Step 1
Fill out the Request form below for Consideration to receive more information. Neither side is under any obligation at this point.

Step 2
Consultation – We will either get together or arrange a conference call to discuss your experience, our business model and whether or not, after this initial interview, we feel you are a good fit for us. Your potential operating area as well as financial requirements and expectations will be discussed.

Step 3
Franchisee and Operating Area Qualification – Once both sides see the mutual benefit of working with each other, the potential franchisee will submit the Financial Disclosure package for management approval. This information must be approved by i Fix Screens before progressing further and i Fix Screens maintains the right to accept or reject any application.

Step 4
Site Selection, Construction, Training and Pre-opening Support – i Fix Screens will begin to train you in all store operations, not only the repair of devices but also train you to implement best practices in a retail setting, as well as make the final approval on your request of store location. Construction begins on your approved site.

Step 5
Your Grand Opening!!!

We will be there to support you with on your new venture as you join the i Fix Screens team.


Franchise FAQs

What type of experience will I need to be considered as a potential i Fix Screens franchisee?
First and foremost, you need to be a solid business person with an entrepreneurial mindset. Without that, you will not succeed regardless of the business endeavor you choose to become involved in. However, if you are the type of person who understands that there is no “quitting time”…that the only quitting time is when the job is done…then we can train you to become a successful franchisee.

What investment is required?
To build out a store from a shell to completely operational, including inventory, franchise fee and training, will require an investment of $60,000-$140,000 on the part of the franchisee

Can I have a partner?
Yes. All members of the proposed franchisee team applying will need to complete the qualification process.

Does i Fix Screens provide financing?
No. If you are applying for a business or SBA loan we will assist you in any way possible but it is the responsibility of the franchisee to finance the complete initial investment of the start-up costs of their website.

How long does it take to open a store?
Generally it will take 90 days from the time we approve your application and local of the store until opening.

How much money can I make? How long before I start to make money?
As with any business the success or failure of the enterprise, as well as the income potential, is based upon a variety of factors and i Fix Screens cannot guarantee a rate of income for the franchisee.

What are the royalties that i Fix Screens receives?
5% of gross sales.

What is the Franchise Fee?
The franchise fee ranges from $25,000 to $35,000

Can I really keep my job and start an i Fix Screens?
Yes. Once you become qualified by our Franchise Development team you’ll be encouraged to start talking with our operators – most of whom kept their professional job while opening up their first store. This is not an absentee business, it’s a manager-run business; and we recruit franchisees that know how to manage a retail business.

Does i Fix Screens provide training?
Absolutely. We will train you in every aspect of business and repair operations to give you the best opportunity for success.

Is it possible to own a specific territory?
Yes, we can make arrangements for this. However, this would have to be individually negotiated with i Fix Screens based upon the size of the proposed area.

How do I find out more information?
You can contact us and request an franchisee information packet as the first step.


Get started with a  i Fix Screens Franchise today! We’re now accepting applications for franchise opportunities in New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and Texas.

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