HP G71- 340Us LCD Screen 17.3 Repair
HP G71- 340Us LCD Screen 17.3 Repair

HP Omni LCD 120-1034


The LCD screen for your HP laptop will get it back working just like new and includes everything the “do-it-yourself” expert needs to fix it right the first time.

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Product Description

HP G71- 340Ok. You broke the screen on your HP laptop. Or maybe you just want to trip it out. We get it…it frustrating and an annoyance.

But you consider yourself a tech guru. You just need the part and you can fix it yourself.

So you don’t need our mail-in repair service. You are doing it yourself.

We understand. You didn’t hurt our feelings. But we still have you covered.

Just create an account, order the LCD screen for your HP laptop and the part will be on the way.


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