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Android KitKat 4.4.2 Tips And Tricks

Android 4.4.2 is an amazing piece of software to use on your Android device. Here are just a few things to do with your Android Device.

Android Kitkat 4.4.2 Tips And Tricks I Fix Screens


  • Keep Track of Your Data Usage
    • Carriers enforce data allowance for all their capped data customers. Androids built-in usage monitor will tell you exactly how much data you've used. You can preset warning to alert you when you are close to your limit. You can even disable data when you reach your data allowance.
  • Enable Lock Screen Widgets
    • Enabling this features gives you the ability to access applications in the lock screen. To use this feature simply go to Settings > Security and check "Enable Widgets" box. To add widgets, just swipe from left to right on your lockscreen and tap the "plus" icon. You can choose multiple different widgets to add.
  • Easy Access to Google Now
    • Yes Google Now may sound a bit creepy but it's a cool and useful feature. Google Now learns your patterns and tracks where you are and what you like to suggest things that you may want to do with your phone.
  • Remotely Wipe Your Phone
    • We at ifixscreens understand the pain of a lost device and all the important information you may have on the device. Google has you covered, and gives you the ability to remotely locate and wipe your phone. However, the feature must be enabled before you loose it. Simply go to the Google Settings application and select Android Device Manager, then turn on the option to "Remotely Locate This Device" and "Allow Remote Lock And Factory Reset".
    • If you do loose your device and need to wipe or locate, simply go click here.
  • Start Google Now with Your Voice
    • After turning this feature on, simply say "OK Google" to ask to complete a task. This is currently Android's answer to Siri. You set ask google to search the web to setting an alarm, or even adding an event to your calendar.
  • KitKat Easter Egg
    • Android always has a special hidden animation to show the software you have on your device. To find the egg to go Settings -> About Device and now repeatedly tap on Android Version until the screen changes.
  • Turn Off Keyboard Vibrate and Noise
    • To turn off the vibrate
      • Settings > Language & Input > Google keyboard (assuming you are using Google Keyboard)
    • To turn off Sound/Noise
      • Settings > Sound and under system you will see checkboxes for Touch Sounds and Vibrate on Touch you can uncheck the box to turn off
  • Use Your Face to Unlock Your Phone (not available on note)

    • This is a cool feature when you're on the go. Simply scan your face and access your phone. You will find Face Unlock features in Settings > Security > Screen lock. You can even require an eye blink option to be used so it isn't scanning a picture of you.

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