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iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement

Get Over With your Charging Problems with iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement

Is your iPhone 8 draining so easily when even when you are not using it? Does it overheat while you are charging? Is it charging too slowly? If all your answers are yes, then you definitely need an iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement.

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No matter how expensive your phone is, it will come to a point where some parts of it will deteriorate. Whether it’s because of your battery’s mechanical build-up or because of improper usage you need to replace its battery in one way or another. Your phone will show signs that its battery needs replacement and below are some of these signs:

  1. Age

Like humans, your iPhone 8 Plus’ battery gets tired as you use it on a daily basis. A phone battery only lasts for two years. This age equates to 300 to 500 charging cycles. So, if your phone battery is older than two years, then it is high time that you replace it. Also, an old smartphone battery will never work the same way as a new one and it will affect your phone’s performance.

  1. Lengthy charging time

No matter how convenient having an iPhone is, it will always be a frustration to have a long charging time. A typical phone battery takes four to six hours before it gets charged. If yours take longer charging time than the usual, it’s a sign that your battery is going bad. If this thing happens to your iPhone, you need an iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement.

  1. When your phone shuts down

Unlike diamonds, phone batteries are not forever. When a phone has low battery, it will give a sign before it dies. So, if your phone experiences sudden death, then the problem is most likely in its battery. Also, a phone that does not charge fully is a sign that you need an iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement. A battery does not charge fully because it is degraded enough to affect its performance.

  1. If the back cover of your phone is bulging, STOP using it

The bulge at the back of your phone is caused by a bad battery. A phone battery swells because of overcharging. It results in chemical reactions between electrodes and electrolytes. This chemical reaction releases gas which results to battery swelling. But, the swelling also occurs due to a poor cell build-up, mechanical damage, and over-exposure to high temperature.

  1. Your phone becomes sluggish

A bad battery can cause a phone to freeze. Such a thing happens because the battery is too worn out to supply enough voltage to your device. Does your phone becomes slow in the functioning and then freezes? The problem may not be from the phone itself but in the battery. An iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement will end your freezing problems.

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It is such great havoc to use a phone with a bad battery. It reduces the smoothness of your phone’s performance. Moreover, it takes much of your time waiting for your phone to charge. But, in reality, it will never get fully charged. But, your problem has come to an end! iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement will help you experience using a phone that has a good and new battery.

What are you waiting for? Contact iFixScreens now for an iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement. Rest assured that your phone will work longer with its brand new battery. We also give 180 days warranty to all our services!

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iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement

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