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iPhone 8 Plus Plus Charge Port Repair

When to Have an iPhone 8 Plus Charging Port Replacement

Just like humans, your phone needs a consistent and good charging to stay alive. Many iPhone 8 Plus owners have faced the dilemma of a damaged charger port, and some end up trying to copy some do it yourself repair videos. But, no matter what the DIY advocates you see on videos may say, never ever try to repair your phone all on your own. Do it yourself repair may only damage your phone further. What you need is an iPhone 8 Plus Charging Port Replacement.

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Do It Yourself Repair May Cause Further Damage

There are a lot of external factors that can damage the performance of your charger port. You will see lots of videos on the Internet that teaches you how to fix your iPhone’s charger port all by yourself. However, these DIY repairs may damage your charger port further. People who are not knowledgeable when it comes to electrical works will never understand the complexity of a phone repair.

Some people use toothpick when trying to clean their charger port in hopes that it will do the magic. Believe me, your iPhone’s charger port is not a mouth, so a toothpick will never really help. What they do not know is that using materials with sharps tips can damage their charger port permanently.

A damaged charger port needs an iPhone 8 Plus Charging Port Replacement, not a toothpick.

How to know if your iPhone needs an iPhone 8 Plus Charging Port Repair

  1. If it has physical damage

Some of these damages are bent charger port, corrosion, and wiggling. You can try to clean the rust VERY CAREFULLY using a q tip or a soft toothbrush. If the charger port still won’t work, then it is time to bring it to an iPhone 8 Plus charging port replacement service provider. Do not try to fix the bend on the charger port or the wiggling, it will only cause further damage.

  1. If your phone has to be held at a certain angle before it charges

Such a thing maybe because the charger port is loose and needs to fix before it works again. Continuously using your phone while it’s charger port is loose may burn your phone beyond repair.

  1. If there is nothing wrong with the battery and charger

If your iPhone does not charge properly, try inspecting the battery and the charger. Once you found nothing wrong with these two, then the problem lies within the charger port. Bring your phone to a professional repair service to ensure that the phone will charge as good as new.

  1. If you see some off-colored residue around the charger port

Hold your phone and have a light directed to its charger port. If you see black residue around the charger port, then it is on the verge of getting broken. What you need is a top-notch iPhone 8 Plus charging port replacement provider.

  1. If the pins on the charger port are bent or broken

Bent and broken charger port prevent your phone from charging. However, such is quite difficult to recognize unless you open the phone. Inspecting for broken pins need tools. So what, you most likely need is an iPhone 8 Plus charging port replacement service. If it was proven that the charger port is bent or broken, you need sophisticated repair service, not a toothpick that most DIY videos show you.

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Your precious iPhone must be repaired by professional and sophisticated hands. Here at iFixScreens, we are committed to providing you the best service that you can have. Visit the nearest iFixScreens location for your iPhone 8 Plus charging port replacement.

iphone 8 plus charging port replacement

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