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iPhone 8 Plus Water Damage Repair Diagnostic


We are all aware of how dangerous liquids are on our phones. However, there are just some events in your life that you will have to mix these two up. Just like when you are eating out while waiting for your friend's text message or maybe when you are about to take a bikini pic on the pool. Accidents are everywhere and when your phone happens to be in contact with any liquid, it is best if you will have an iPhone 8 Plus Water Damage Repair Diagnostic.

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Moreover, if you think that direct contact with water is the only way your phone can be damaged, you are wrong. There are times when your phone can develop moisture inside especially when there is fog or steam. If you are one of those people who bring their phone in the bathroom to play some music, then your phone could be affected. It is not easy knowing if your phone is experiencing water damage instead of just a common issue.

Reasons Before Even Considering the iPhone 8 Water Damage Repair:

  • Hardware Failure

One of the symptoms of water damage is if your phone's speaker and microphone are not working correctly. It happens when the water or liquid enters your phone and directly damages certain components or electrical wirings that are connected to your speaker or microphone. You might overlook this because everything else on your phone is working. However, if this happens and you leave your phone on, it may overheat and eventually lead to shutting off of your phone without any warning. To avoid further damages, turn off your phone and immediately refer to iPhone 8 Plus Water Damage Repair Diagnostic service.

  • Power and Startup Issues

Boot loops can happen when you've got your iPhone 8 Plus water damaged. This is when your phone is not turning on at all or the instance when your phone was turned on but immediately restarted. During the startup process, your phone may also have a white screen or what is commonly called the "White Screen of Death." If you experience these symptoms, you should power off your phone and call a repair and diagnostic service.

  • Application Issues

When your phone is damaged by water, you may experience spontaneously opening and closing of applications such as Safari browser, email and other programs. This is a common symptom of your phone when it made contact with any liquid. What is worst is that your phone may even freeze or pause when these symptoms are happening. This can happen with your iPhone 8 Plus water damage situation.

  • Warning Messages

Aside from the other symptoms, water damage may also cause one or more errors on connecting the connection cable of your phone to sync the device or the phone’s charger.

These warnings may be read on your phone: "This accessory is not made to work with iPhone" or "Charging is not supported with this accessory." These symptoms and warning messages are indicators of water damages to one or more of your phone’s internal components. If you experience these, try disconnecting the sync cable or charger and power off your phone immediately. You need a 

  • Checking Accessible Liquid Indicators

All new phones actually have liquid indicators. To check these, you should shine a flashlight or use a lighted magnifying glass and look inside the headphone jack. You will see a red dot on the very back of the gadget and normally, the back portion of any headphone jack is white or silver. If this is not possible, you can also try looking for the other indicator of your phone which is on the charging jack. Just shine a light inside the jack and if you notice a red dot at the back of it, then your phone is damaged by water or any other moisture.


Well, there are some visible symptoms that you may notice on your phone when it is exposed to water. Although you have enough indicators and warnings that your phone is damaged, you will still need a professional to check on it. This will prevent further damages to your phone. If you think your phone has water damage, consult to iFixScreen for free iPhone 8 Plus Water Damage Repair Diagnostic. Visit our website https://ifixscreens.com/ or call us at (855) 462-4349.

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