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iPhone X Battery Replacement

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iphone x battery replacement

iPhone X Battery Replacement

Are you one of those owners who are fond of using their iPhones? Then, I'm sure you scan for electric outlets when you walk into any room. Why? In the hopes of finding a nice spot to charge. Your iPhone X before it drains – again. This doesn't happen normally. Do this happens to your device more often than not? You may have done something that affected the battery. Your iPhone X needs to get an iPhone X Battery Replacement.

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Drained battery without a portable charger? Don't have an available electrical outlet, or a cord? Take more safety measures to preserve the life of your iPhone X’s battery. But don't worry! Having troubles with your battery? Check the best iPhone X battery replacement service provider today.

Here are some bad habits you might be doing that drains your phone’s battery:

  • Plugging your phone to an inactive computer. - we sometimes, or most of the times, lose our charging blocks. When this happens, we tend to plug our device to a computer. Admit it, it's the most convenient alternative. Did you happen to keep your device plugged into an inactive computer? On a standby mode, sleep, or turned off? This will cause problems. Want to avoid draining your battery?  Make sure that the computer you will be plugging your device into is active.
  • Exposing your device to extreme heat or cold. When exposed to extreme temperatures, we humans will suffer some undesirable consequences. Likewise, our device will suffer as well and may need iPhone X battery replacement if exposed to extreme heat or cold.
  • Exposure on extreme heat. Exposing your device to temperatures more than 95° F causes permanent damage. The battery may not power as long on a given level of charge. Apple itself gave this warning. Apple itself gave this warning.
  • Exposure on extreme cold. Your iPhone X's battery charge will start to decrease when it exposed to a cold environment. But this is only temporary. Once your device warms up, it will return to its normal range.
  • Using Facebook. Sometimes, the Facebook app can cause the rapid draining of your iPhone’s battery. In fact, The Guardian conducted a test about the impact of the Facebook app on a phone's battery life. The Guardian found out that removing Facebook app from your iPhone X, it will save up to 15% of your phone’s battery life. It may be inconvenient, but try to do this suggestion: Try using the mobile version of Facebook. Access FB through your iPhones browser instead of using the Facebook app itself.
  • Refraining from turning on the "Low Power Mode". If your iPhone X gets into the undesirable red zone (the 20% battery level or below). You will be thankful that you have switched the “Low Power Mode” on. Go to the settings of your iPhone X to enable it. It will help you in conserving battery level when you are nearing zero. Reduce the brightness for the mean time. Also, disable some features like AirDrop and iCloud sync that drains the battery.
  • Finding signals in areas with low service. Here's another tip for all the iPhone X owners, especially commuters. Always remember to switch your iPhone X into Airplane mode. If you are traveling in an area with low signal coverage or an underground tunnel. Yes, you can't receive or make calls while on Airplane mode. But, this will prevent your device to search for a better signal often. Doing this will save your battery.
  • You turned on notifications for everything. During busy days, your device receives a lot of notification. Then the screen will light up. This will also increases the temptation to swipe and open that notification. Turn on notifications only for applications that you regularly use. This way, you can avoid temptations and save your battery’s life.
  • You are not using the “Auto-Brightness” mode. Dimming your phone’s brightness will help conserve your phone’s battery life. Try activating “Auto-Brightness” to help adjust your screen automatically to different light conditions.

It is important to take good care of our devices to make it last longer. But, some issues is unavoidable especially iPhone X battery problems. You need to get an immediate iPhone X Battery Replacement that is affordable.

But don’t worry! Here in iFixScreens, we offer different professional services for different mobile problems. iPhone X battery replacement? Back glass replacement? We have it all!

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Utilize our mail in repair service. Just print the mail-in form, fill it out with payment and send the device. Once we receive your phone and the payment is processed, we will fix your iPhone X Battery Replacement and have it headed back to you within 3 business days.

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