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iPhone XR Battery Replacement Repair

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iphone xr battery replacement

iPhone XR Battery Replacement Repair

Are you mesmerized by your iPhone XR? You are indeed fortunate if you got one! It has fabulous features and specifications that stand out the best among other X model series. It became one of the most anticipated models that are expected to satisfy the mobile taste of techno-lovers. The iPhone XR can make you love more the branded series of the Apple smartphone generation. However, it is best to avoid overusing it for it can cause system and battery malfunction. And honestly, finding the best iPhone XR Battery Replacement shop is quite hard nowadays. 

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2018 is a hot-shot year, the iPhone XR is launched to the public as a fantastic smartphone. The Apple Incorporation got so lucky that they have released an outstanding visual appearance for XR. Moreover, this model embodies a dimension of 5.94 x 2.98 x 0.33 in inches. It also has an amazing display exterior with IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, which can show you awesome visual displays. When it comes to giving life it is built with a Non-removable Li-Ion battery with 2492 mAh.

A battery gives life to the phone until it powers on and do its over-all function. What if a battery experiences failure or damage? It is a problem and a worry if you can’t use your iPhone XR conveniently. What a head-ache for you! You have to consult your battery with a diagnostic to know the abnormalities of your battery. You can also consider an iPhone XR battery replacement if the damage had been on its extreme status.

Battery replacement initiates a good condition for your iPhone XR or other smartphones and android phones. If the battery can’t even supply a life to the phone then it may count for a replacement. Do you want your phone to become unused for a while? If you can’t stay calm with your faulty battery you should consider battery replacement. With this, you can get away with a problematic battery life that can make your mobile activity to suffer.

The battery replacement is a good choice if the battery reaches the extreme damage level. iFixScreens has it all good for iPhone XR battery replacement with their high skilled technician. First of all, how will we know if the battery is not functioning normally? Before taking the consideration of inquiring for battery replacement, we should know all of the symptoms for a damaged battery.

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We are going to present to you the symptoms of a failing battery. Let us know!


  • Drastic Draining

When you’re battery is experiencing a continuous reduction to its life then it is not working normally. You have to get rid of it by consulting an expert. A drastic draining is truly a great irritation for the users and the cellphone itself. Indeed, you can’t greatly put your cellphone in an amazing use.

  • Abnormal Charging

You can observe the length of the charge if it can’t be full in the 100% percentage level. The battery can’t even take a power from charging and it stops when it’s almost full – 50 percent battery level. The worst is while charging your phone is continuously dropping a life from charged molecules.

  • Only Works While Connecting A Charge

When your cellphone battery is only working while charging then it is a big trouble! It will cause a devastating disaster for the inconvenience that it can bring. You can go now to a store near you to go for a diagnostic. This case can lead into a battery replacement situation.

With those stated words from the above, you are getting into the way of iPhone XR battery replacement path.


iFixScreens are here for you to fulfill your emptiness from the problem with your battery. We will serve you with our greatest efforts and kindness. You can visit our store near you.

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