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iPhone XR Glass Replacement Repair

Why get an iPhone XR Glass Replacement?

On September 2018, Apple introduced its lower-cost flagship phone. It is currently sold along iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. This iPhone XR boasts its precision-machined 7k Series aerospace-grade frame. Also, the frame is made of aluminum. It wraps around the all-glass enclosure. The smartphone’s glass part is wide. Just the thought of it falling and breaking is scary enough.

It's really heartbreaking when you drop your precious iPhone XR on the ground. Especially when you find your screen broken beyond recognition. It would cause a painful feeling. Imagine, you worked tirelessly just to earn money to buy your iPhone XR. Looking at the broken glass is just like looking at your own broken heart.

What’s saddening is that things can even get worse. It is when you receive the extravagant cost needed to fix your phone or replace the broken glass. For this reason, getting an affordable iPhone XR Glass Replacement is needed.

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Now, let's discuss what causes your iPhone XR's glass to break. Or sustain a small crack on other phones? Also, when to get an iPhone XR Glass Replacement.

Did you know that the glass of your phone contains stored elastic energy? And, once your iPhone drops, whether intentionally or not? The impact causes a small amount of the stored elastic energy that converts to acoustic energy. Acoustic energy is the sound that you will hear out of the impact. But, it makes the rest of the stored energy in your phone’s glass to transform to many surface energies. It results in the visible cracks that you will see on the glass.

So, here are the major glass properties that prevent your iPhone's glass from breaking:

It refers to the resistance of the glass against abrasions or scratches. This property of the glass prevents your phone's screen from scrapes and other abrasions.

Meanwhile, the strength is the relationship of the glass' inner tension and surface compression. It is a glass property which determines how much force the glass could endure before it losses integrity and break.

What if the force of the impact exceeds the compression force of a phone's surface? It will cause your screen to crack. Even so, a simple scratch or scrape will not cause your phone's glass to break.

Until now, it is impossible to define the exact strength level of glass precisely. Likewise, the "perfect glass" is yet to be developed. But, to achieve the unbreakable glass, studies are being continued. New glasses are being produced. It is for gadgets like tablets and smartphones to prevent broken glasses.

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What to do when your iPhone XR’s Glass Shatters?

Yes, the iPhone XR really hit the market. There’s no doubt that iPhone XR is indeed a phone. You can snap photos, send messages, and make calls. But, the phone is enclosed by glass. Which makes it fragile, that users have a high probability of breaking it. iPhone XR is indeed an elegant phone, yet vulnerable. Gorgeous yet delicate.

When the unexpected moment comes, and you found your iPhone XR broke? Don't attempt to make the repair by yourself. Fixing this kind of problem is quite difficult. It requires professional skills to perform. There are no simple means to do this kind of repairs with the blink of an eye.

The most ideal and the safest way to tackle this crushing problem? Get in touch with an expert. And there's no better place to do it than iFixScreens. Don't hesitate to contact us and give us a visit. Our technicians work professionally. They can bring back your beloved iPhone XR into its mint condition. Give us a visit and have an iPhone XR Glass replacement!

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