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iPhone XS Max Battery Replacement Repair

Into The Fixation of  Your iPhone XS Max Battery

Is your brand new iPhone XS Max battery draining quickly? This might be one of the symptoms of battery issues. If you think you are experiencing this, try iPhone XS Max Battery Replacement now.

At this time and age, the phone is becoming an essential thing in life. People can use it for many reasons—communicating, playing games, reading books, creating documents, and many more. This is the reason why almost everyone is glued to their phone. There are various brands of phone but the iPhone has most of the noteworthy models in the industry. However, even the brand itself cannot deny its battery issues.

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 Furthermore, iPhone batteries can only hold 80 percent of their capacity for only 500 charge cycles. This means that each phone battery can only last 18-24 months for most users. After that, the phones will start to drain quickly despite your efforts to maximize its battery life. However, there are some ways to save yourself to need constant recharging of your phone. Moreover, you need to consult an expert technician that can resolve your iPhone XS Max battery issues.

This is what you can do by yourself to your iPhone XS Max Battery Life Issues:

  • Reset your device.

Most of the type, system malfunction is the reason why your phone is draining fast. This is why resetting your phone is one of the best solutions to fix battery issues of iPhone XS Max. First, click and release your Volume Up button quickly. Do the same for the Volume Down button and hold the Side Button. After resetting, your phone will probably come back to normal.

  • Restart your device.

This is the most common way that you might think of to fix your phone issues. Restarting your phone may clear simple malfunctions of your phone. Also, this method will close down your applications that might be draining your phone. Hold the power button and choose restart. You can fix your battery issues by doing this for a few times.

  • Use a low power mode.

When you are using your phone, it is normally in its high power mode for better functions. However, there are times where you forget putting it on low power mode although you only have 20% battery life left. By doing this, your phone will automatically shut off draining functions and applications.

Meanwhile, if you want to turn your phone into this mode, you don’t need to wait until your battery is only 20%. You can just enter into the Settings and Control Center then look for the Low Power Mode button.

  • Control your device display.

One of the best features of the iPhone that sets it aside from other phones is its OLED display. However, this requires a lot of your battery life and may quickly drain your phone unnecessarily and faster. Adjust the display of your phone according to what you only need. You can see this option by going to Settings, General and Accessibility and tapping Display Accommodation. Moreover, you can also easily turn into the grayscale mode.

  • Shutting down unnecessary applications.

One thing that you can also do is to check your battery usage. With this, you will see what applications are unnecessarily causing your phone to drain. After doing this, make sure that you shut down these applications. One trick is to update your applications to a better version. If it is not possible to take down the applications, you can also just delete the applications directly.

  • Turn to airplane mode.

When you are on an airplane, you need to turn off your data and network. This is what your phone aims to do when it is in airplane mode. By turning this on, your phone will disable Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Cellular Data which are extremely draining for phones. Your iPhone XS Max battery

Your phone is already part of your life and it is extremely important in every way. If no simple tricks are working on your phone, then what you might need is a different way. Turning to iFixScreens can surely solve your problem. Have your iPhone XS Max Battery Replacement now and visit our website or contact us at (855) 462-4349.

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