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iPhone XS Back Glass Replacement Repair

Need an iPhone XS Back Glass Replacement? We got you!

Let's admit it. It is really painful to drop our iPhone XS, finding the screen shattered beyond use or recognition. Especially if we put a lot of time and effort just to save money to buy it. It's safe to say that shattered glass is equivalent to a shattered heart. 

However, the pain could be worse once you receive an expensive iPhone XS back glass replacement. On the lucky side, there are still joyful moments when we retrieve our dropped smartphones on the floor, finding the glass still good. 

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Shattered back glasses?

So, what exactly causes the glass to completely shatter, or on some occasions, crack slightly on others?

When you happen to drop your phone, whether purposely or accidentally, the impact will cause a slight amount of stored elastic energy to transform into acoustic energy. That acoustic energy is the noise you will hear from the impact. However, most of the stored elastic energy in the glass will be transformed into two (or even more) surface energies that result in a crack or several cracks on the glass.

Two main factors prevent the glass from shattering – its strength and its hardness.

The strength refers to the relationship between the inner tension and surface compression. This will determine how much force a piece of glass could take before it completely shatters.

The hardness refers to the glass' resistance to abrasion. The hardness prevents the screen from being scratched while your device moves around inside your handbag, pocket, or others.

The glass will only break if the force of the impact finally exceeds the compression of the surface. On the other hand, a mere scratch won't cause the glass to shatter, but small amounts of stresses would lead the glass to shatter.

Today, new glasses are being developed specifically for tablets and mobile phones to prevent shattering.

The way your tablet of phone fall to the floor will answer the shattering question.

If your device happens to fall facing down, it might not cause that much damage to the glass, as the force of the impact will spread across the whole surface. It will most likely undergo slight damage, which you may not see in plain sight. However, this slight damage may cause the glass to shatter completely.

On the other hand, if you happen to drop your smartphone or tablet by one of its corners, the point of contact between the ground and the glass is small because of the uneven surface. This means the force of impact will be focused into one small point.

Then, this is where years or months or little bumps could become relevant. With every drop, even small ones can make the invisible cracks get worse. As time goes on, one significant drop may finally cause it to shatter.

It is not possible to accurately determine the exact strength of a glass piece, and there’s no such thing as a “perfect glass” that exists – yet.

This is the reason that it is impossible to know the exact, or at least the nearest amount of drops that a device can survive. Some may say that "four drops" is the correct number; however, it is just a guess, and nothing is conclusive.

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What to do when your iPhone XS’ back glass break?

iPhone XS has already hit the market, and it's undoubtedly a phone. The features of iPhone XS are amazing! It can make calls, take pictures, and enclosed in a fragile glass that users are most likely to break it. iPhone XS is truly a beautiful smartphone yet delicate. Its back is smooth, yet vulnerable.

If you happen to damage yours, don't just make repairs on your own. The back glass of an iPhone XS is extremely difficult to fix. It is connected to the housing with both small welds and glue. These means that there’s no simple way to remove and replace it immediately.

The most ideal way to deal with this is to consult a professional. If you want to know more about iPhone XS Back Glass Replacement, feel free to contact us. If you are in trouble finding professional help to fix your phone, feel free to visit us. We understand the feeling of having a broken phone. Get in touch with us! Here in iFixscreens, we are more than happy to help you with all of your iPhone XS Back Glass Repair or Replacement immediately.

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