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iPhone XS Battery Replacement Repair

Tired of charging your iPhone XS over and over again? You might need an iPhone XS battery replacement! At first you might think that the problem is on the charger, but then you will realize that it’s not the charger but the battery.

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Gadgets are very useful and we can barely do without it, everything seems so easy with just a tap and then all you need is there. Like checking weather, browsing , maps, news, communicate through social media accounts and many more. It performs many functions and makes our life simpler. These may also cause frustration when batteries start to decline leading us to resort to iPhone XS battery replacement.

Your iPhone XS battery holds a charge depends on what you use it for or how frequently you use it. One clear sign that you need iPhone XS battery replacement is that it can no longer hold a charge for long. For example, there is an emergency but since your battery is drained then they can’t reach you.

However, if your fully charged iPhone XS drops to half without even using it within a day it’s beginning to fail.

Here are the  factors that drains battery fast:

  • Taking videos or pictures

Especially when you are on a vacation or there is a gathering, you want to capture every moment but it’s  not the storage who just overworked but also the battery, because it will need more power to process it.

  • Using multiple apps at the same time

Playing online game, excessive video watching and other activities while leaving it on can also cause why your battery is draining so fast.

  • Too much calls

You can’t avoid receiving or dialing calls especially if it is business related or important calls.

  • Bright theme or wallpaper

Having a colorful background is beautiful to see.

But the brighter the color, the more power they’re using and the bigger drain on your battery.

When your phone is fully charged, it knows where to stop the current though this will cause to waste battery’s capacity.

  • Extreme Heat and Cold

It can strain battery and shorten the lifespan.

  • Open wireless connection

While using your phone sometimes you forgot to turn off your WiFi or Bluetooth even you don’t need it.

  • Draining all the way to 0% then charging it up to 100%

Keep them above 20% capacity and below 90%, short charges are fine it’s better for their lifespan.

  • Notifications

If you reduce push notification for apps it will lessen the amount of the usage of your gadgets battery. Those are the example why your battery drains fast. It will lessen your time to watch your favorite movie, listen to your favorite songs, play games or communicate to your family, friends or work.

Having a long lasting battery is important in our daily life. That's why if basic trouble shooting doesn't work, iPhone XS battery replacement will be the solution. You might think of buying a new one but it’s just a waste of money, time and effort.

You don’t have to! Again, you just need an iPhone XS battery replacement! Just change your battery and it will cost you less money, less hassle and less worries.

There are a lot of stores that can offer iPhone XS battery replacement for a low price. But iFixScreens can assure you that our store will give you the best quality battery that you can use for a longer and affordable price. We will make your gadget operate perfectly and class at the same time. We offer a 180 Days warranty on our iPhone XS battery replacement if the original repair fails because of a defect with a part we installed; we will replace the part at no charge.

You can easily replace your battery just stop by a local iFixScreens store today and let the experts save your gadget.

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iPhone XS Battery Replacement

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