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iPhone XS Glass & LCD Replacement Repair

Geetting into an iPhone XS Glass and LCD Replacement?

One of the newest smartphones of the Apple Incorporation is presenting us the iPhone XS. Are you amazed by this incredible breed of the X series? iPhone XS is created with fantastic features that blended to the modern taste of the techno-savvy individuals. It is offered with Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) capacitive touchscreen that runs the different modes of fantastic displays. That is just a thing or two so it is good to appreciate the wonders of this new iPhone model.

Let’s start, with the features of XS, it is astounding the mobile dependent crowd. Having a 143.7 x 70.9 x 77.7 mm denotes that this model is a perfect dimension for a smartphone. It is also built with front or back glass, stainless steel frame that can lead to a protection initiative for the iPhone XS. Its chipset is iOS 12, can be enhanced to an extensive version of iOS 12.3. The phone’s Central Processing Unit (CPU) is a Hexa-Core with a GHz Vortex.

This iPhone XS is even more awesome because the glass is coated with oleophobic and is a scratch-resistant. LCD is highlighted with an organic light-emitting diode that can show a colorful and appealing visual presentation. The visual is important to deal with when it comes to user satisfaction. It is a real burden when your phone screen is scratched and wounded. It can be even worse when the core glass is damaged and shattered. Probably, it would be like the end when you can’t clearly see the displays on your phone.

LCD and Glass is one of the core parts of cellular phones. It is all responsible for the beauty and appearance appeal of the visual displays. When it is damaged, it should be replaced or be repaired. iPhone XS glass and LCD Replacement is a must when yours is broken. The replacement must be done with proper care with skilled technician and all. The LCD and Glass Replacement is a way to fix your problem to the front exterior of your phone. If this happens to consider an iPhone XS  Glass and LCD Replacement

iFixScreens are here to save your problem when you need phone medication. iPhone XS glass and LCD Replacement is not a problem with them because they have an expert technician to protect and fix what’s shattered, broken, scratched or damaged. If it happens to your 5.8 inches, 84.4 cm iPhone XS then it might be a real problem to you. Well, you need diagnostics when you are going to consider an iPhone Glass and LCD Replacement.

Schedule a free diagnostic today.

Before considering the iPhone XS glass and LCD Replacement service here are some things to do when the LCD and phone screen glass is broken. Let me present it to you the ways to do while you’re phone glass and the screen is broken.

Here are the ways you can apply when your mobile screen glass and LCD is broken.

  • You can check a repair or replacement store for mobile. You can check out iFixScreens if you want to. With this, you can save your phone immediately.
  • You can use your old phone while your current phone is suffering from damaged. This is applicable when you have a spare one.
  • If you have a lot of patience and the damaged condition of your phone is not that extreme then you can use it for a while. If it does not work because of extreme condition, if yours is an iPhone XS, then consider a Glass and LCD Replacement.
  • If it is unfixable and advised to be disposed of or not to put in use then you should just a new mobile phone.

If you have an iPhone XS glass and LCD replacement, then avail a service that could help you. It is also applicable to have a replacement or repair for both smartphones and android phones.


We have a solution to your iPhone XS glass and LCD replacement! We are here to make you feel secure with our great services. You can visit the nearest iFixScreens store near you. We will be glad to welcome you. You can also visit our website. Take time with us!

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