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iPhone XS Water Damage Diagnostic Repair

Is your iPhone XS been turning on and then restarting repeatedly, has been showing up a completely white screen during the startup process, or the speakers and microphone fails to work? These are possible signs of water damage on your iPhone XS. This also mean that you need to get an iPhone XS Water Damage Diagnostic immediately! Keep in mind that it is better to let the experts do the checking and the repair than to risks your iPhone XS by checking it by yourself.

Newer iPhones are said to be water resistant. However, this doesn't mean that they are not prone to other liquids such as lotions, gels, and other everyday liquid necessities. Moreover, water and other liquid damage is not covered by Apple one year warranty. Which means you have to be a bit more careful when you are drinking coffee or any beverage. Also, make sure to keep your iPhone XS in your pocket or bag to protect it from the rain. Though, accidents are unavoidable, it is still best to be more careful than be sorry later. 

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Water or any other forms of liquid are totally hazardous to your iPhone XS. Simple moisture build-up can damage the internal parts of your phone and can make it completely useless. What's more alarming is liquid damage can be invisible. There are times that it appears as tiny bubbles underneath the screen or discoloration inside the charging port.

If you are not sure if your phone was damaged by the water, you don't have to panic. iPhone contains an integrated liquid indicator that allows you to know that your phone has been exposed to moisture from some liquid that might have spilled in or on your phone.

Are you getting some warnings or errors lately with your iPhone XS? Don't panic. Let the repair professionals at iFixScreens complete our extensive liquid damage diagnostic process on your device!

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The process of iPhone XS Water Damage Diagnostic at iFixScreens will include the following:

  • Checking to see which components still work. Since your iPhone XS was damaged by water or liquid, other components may malfunction so we need to make sure which parts still work.
  • Next, we also check which part need replacing. Our experts make sure that we give the best services and affordability. They make sure that the damaged parts will the only ones to be replaced and don't touch the ones that still functions well.
  • And what your iPhone XS needs to get back up and running in as little time as possible. We don't want to waste your time so our experts ensure that we perform an iPhone XS water damage diagnostic as fast as possible. 

Once the trained staff at iFixScreens pinpoints the repair and components needed, they will contact you with a repair quote and time frame for completion. If on the off chance your device is not repairable, it will not cost you anything, the technicians will provide you with a quote before completing the repair! This will help you save more and decide what other services you want to avail. 

Gadgets such as an iPhone XS is now an essential part of our lives. Which is why taking good care of it is important. Stop by a local iFixScreens location today and let the professionals save your iPhone XS from a life as a paperweight! Don't miss the opportunity to have a high-quality and affordable service today. 

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iPhone XS Water Damage

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