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War Of Watches ?? Apple Watch 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy Watch3??

Which one should you choose – Apple Watch 6 or Samsung Galaxy Watch 3? It all began with a tech rivalry between the two leading smartphone leading companies, and now the battle has waged with smartwatches. Apple watches seem to dominate the smartwatch industry, but the Samsung smartwatch is not too far.

The customer often gets confused between which is better Apple watches or Samsung Galaxy watches. iFixScreens has cast its verdict on Apple Watch 6, and similarly, we have done the same for Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (the latest added collection to the smartwatch industry).

The biggest question for smartwatch buyers is, which one should you buy? The big question is which one is better – Apple Watch 6 or Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

iFixScreens have put in many hours of testing on Apple Watch 6 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 to answer these questions. However, we have also tried to answer the weaknesses and strengths of the watches.

Apple Watch 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Price Comparison

Both the watches are pretty similar in terms of how much they cost. However, the prices may vary a little bit:

Both the watches come in 2 different sizes and variants:

Apple Watch 6

  1. With GPS
  1. With GPS + LTE/Cellular

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

  1. GPS
  1. GPS + LTE/Cellular

Design, Sizes, and Models

So, let’s address the big thing here. The Apple watches are square, and the Samsung is round. Previously, Samsung came up with square smartwatches, but they were not a great success, but now Samsung ended up settling with a round design with a dial.

There are many FAQs about the Apple smartwatch and Samsung smartwatch, and this is one of them. Apple watches come square in shape, whereas the Samsung watch comes in a round design.

The material used in the smartwatches is of high-quality material, and the feel is great when you wear them. Somehow it sits very differently on your wrist.

Apple Watch 6 comes in two different sizes, i.e., 40 mm and 44 mm. You also get a touch display with one single physical button and digital crown, which helps to navigate the Apple watch.

On the other hand, Galaxy watch 3 comes in two variants, 41 mm and 45 mm case options; however, it is slightly bigger than Apple watches. Samsung watches three comes with two buttons, a touchscreen, and a rotating bezel to navigate.

Smartwatch material is a big factor; Apple Watch 6 comes in aluminium, stainless steel/ titanium whereas, Samsung watch three comes in titanium option, but latter for 45 mm option only. Both Apple and Samsung are built with the same kind of materials, which gives them a nice feeling and the best-looking watches to wear.

Both these watches offer interchangeable bands with easily changeable options for both watches.


Somewhere we don’t feel like compromising with gadgets screen quality. Both the watches (Apple and Samsung) did not compromise with their screen quality. Additionally, Apple offers a retina display with sharp screen quality with stretched edges, giving the watch a better look.

Nevertheless, the Samsung smartwatch 3 comes with AMOLED displays that are bright, sharp, and colourful. Samsung also watches visible in bright light and comes with an always-on display option. 

Now the biggest revolution of the new generation smartwatches, i.e., these watches come with water-resistant technology up to 50-meter depth. That means it is safe if you wear the watch for swimming activities, and this is not it; these watches also come swimming tracking option.

Smartwatch features

When we talk about smartwatch features, it means we talk about notifications support, apps, phone-free voice calling, payment gateway, changing watch faces, messaging, and music.

The best part of these two watches is that they do a really good job here. Both Samsung and Apple watch Operating System (OS) runs on the software very well. The watch operating system is similar to iPhone and Samsung phones and handles notifications. Moreover, the Apple smartwatch ecosystem is better than Samsung’s with an overall on-watch experience. 

Samsung works on Tizen OS, which brings the same features when compared to the Apple watch. The additional feature Samsung gives is the rotating bezel which helps the users to navigate. The is clean to use, easy to get around, and a desirable feature that the Apple Watch lacks. Samsung watch also comes with offline Spotify playlist support with an overall on-watch experience. Apart from all this, the Samsung watch three also comes with many free watch faces, which gives it a unique display.

Payment support is the next level feature in both the smartwatches, with simple and straightforward ways to pay your bill without reaching out to your wallet. This feature is called an e-wallet or smart assist.

Apple watch comes with enabled Siri in their watches which slightly more useful than Samsung watch Bixby.

Battery life

Now let’s talk about the battery life for Apple and Samsung smartwatches. This can be a major factor to decide the right choice for you.

Apple Watch 6 battery life goes up to 18 hours which remains the same as the first apple watch. Over the past few years, Apple has tried hard to increase its smartwatch battery life, but it remains short compared to Fitbit and other smartwatches.

For Galaxy Watch 3, Samsung has majorly been talking about battery life, but when tested, Samsung failed miserably.

In conclusion, both smartwatches are very similar in terms of battery performance. However, Samsung may last a bit longer, but it’s not going to be a huge amount of difference.

Conclusion: Which is better?

Go for Apple Watch 6: If you are an iPhone user and features like health & fitness, application support, notifications are important. Overall, the apple watch is slightly bit tighter and more compatible than the Samsung watch too.

Go for Samsung Watch 3: If you are an Android phone user and are looking for a smartwatch with extra features with better battery life than Apple watches, you should go and best at the round-looking smartwatch. Moreover, Samsung smartwatches are compatible with Apple phones but it limits to few features only.

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