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Apple Watch. Buy It Or Not?

When Apple first unveiled a new smart-watch it seemed like maybe this is what the smart watch world needed. A watch from Apple. Maybe things would be different. Maybe Apple would change the world yet again! .. Or not…


The Apple Watch that starts Retail at around 500USD has been deemed not a device ready for market. Many people have claimed they have regretted buying the device a week after purchase. Why? Well because the fact of the matter is it's not exactly there yet. Functions on the watch are not exactly game changing. For a price point that high the consumer should expect something a little more than a watch with an Apple Logo on it.

A lot of people are actually using it as a fashion statement. While some find it not very "sexy" or fashionable" other are buying it to make it work. Some are even buying it show financial status like the gold plated Apple watch that retails for as much as 17,000 USD. Some have tried the gold watch and have stated that it feels.. " Uhh Heavier".


The build quality and attention to detail of the physical watch itself is quite great actually. There has not been much complains about the structural integrity of the device, just what it does. Apparently the only thing really cool about it is it's siri integration and cool wallpapers. It also has been used as a health monitoring device but to that testament there are already cellphones that count how many steps you take and much cheaper watches that check heart rates.

At the end of the day if you are buying an Apple Watch don't expect to be wowed. You're probably buying it just to buy it. Maybe Apple will get it down pat the second time around.

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