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Apple’s AirTag Review: Pros and Cons

the apple Airbags have been a long time coming and seem to be the biggest revelation of this year however we all must wait for MacBook M1 14 (Which will definitely shake the Laptop market) & iPhone 13,(click on them to read more about them) So wasting no time lets get into

AirTag’s finally here, and they promise to take on the likes of tile and other product finders to keep track of your lost stuff for 29 or 99 dollars for one or four-pack. The Air tags offer both Bluetooth and ultra-wideband connectivity to find everything from your wallet and your keys to your backpack or luggage.

If you have a newer iPhone(11 or 12), you can get directions to that lost item right on your phone’s display. I’ve been using the Air tags for about a week. They work fairly well and are super simple to set up, but there’s room for improvement. Here are

Key Takeaways:

  • An overview of Apple's AirTag, highlighting its purpose and how it works.
  • AirTag offers precise location tracking, making it easy to find lost items.
  • Seamless integration with the Find My app for easy tracking.
  • AirTag primarily caters to Apple users, potentially limiting its audience.
  • Personalization options available for AirTag, including engravings.

The pros and cons of Apple Airbag

Ifixscreens Air Tag Review

The Air tags are small button-shaped devices that are simple to slip into a wide array of apple accessories. This includes a 29USD plastic strap, a 39USD leather loop, and a 35USD leather key ring. you can say high margins and more costly than the product itself. Still, other accessory makers are getting into the act if you don’t feel like paying the apple tax; for example, Belkin’s accessories start at just 12.95 USD. We like that you can customize the air attack design with free engraving, which includes up to four letters and various.

Ifixscreens Airtag Review

However, emoji found that the aluminum side of the Airtag is a bit too easy to scuff and scratch even when protected with an accessory the best part about the Airtag is how easy it is to set up. You pull the included tag attached to the battery and place the Airtag near your iPhone, and it will walk you through the pairing process. This includes naming the Airtag at apple’s find my app and registering the Air tag with your apple id from there. You can use the find my app to play a sound on the AirTag, find it on a map, or use a precision finder, so how does Air tag perform?

Ifixscreen Airtag Review

The beeping on the Airtag got my dog’s attention. Still, We found it a bit too faint for liking, especially when hiding under a couch cushion. Once you get closer to your item with the Air tag attached, it’s time to have some fun with apple’s precision finding feature using your iPhone 11 or iPhone 12’s u1 chip. First, you’ll see a series of dots on display and then the distance away that your Air tag is. This process can be demanding, but it worked well most of the time.

As you get even closer, you’ll see arrows directing you to the Airtag along with the decreasing distance, and you’ll feel haptic feedback on your iPhone as you get closer as well. The Air tag uses a cr2032 coin cell battery, and you can expect about a year of juice, and they’re fairly cheap when it’s time to pop in a new battery.

The Air tag also includes some privacy features that should prevent unwanted tracking and stalking. All the location data is properly encrypted, and your iPhone can even notify you if an Air tag that’s not yours is traveling with you. It would be nice if the Air tag supported android phones, but I’m also not surprised that Apple wants you to stick with its ecosystem.

Apple AirTag VS Tile

Tile Tag Review

Android phone owners are better off with the 34.99 USD tile pro, which is quite loud and has a 400-foot range plus, unlike the AirTag, which has a button built in to find your phone. The 39 dollar Samsung galaxy smart tag plus goes a step further with its ultra-wideband. The functionality uses augmented reality to find your lost stuff. Its button can let you perform various smart home commands like turning off the lights when you’re away; yeah, We wish the design was a bit more durable and the volume a little louder.

Final Thoughts:

Still, overall the apple AirTag is worth the investment and was well worth the wait because of its ease of use and precision finding. It highlights the AirTag's tracking capabilities, seamless integration with Apple's ecosystem, and user-friendly design as significant advantages. However, it also points out limitations such as the lack of a hole for easy attachment and the reliance on Apple devices for optimal functionality. If you're deeply embedded in the Apple ecosystem and need an efficient tracking solution, the AirTag may be a valuable addition. Still, it's essential to consider these pros and cons to determine if it aligns with your specific tracking needs and preferences.

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