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Best Apps For Drivers

With it now officially being summer, road trips are extremely popular! It's a good idea to have a great navigation app that offers more than just turn-by-turn directions. Grab your favorite app with a playlist or Pandora and you're all set to hit the road!Navigation With Lane Guidance

I've personally defined a solid navigation app that offers turn-by-turn directions, bicycle routes, traffic updates, and access to offline maps. If you're after extra features, there are apps for finding the quickest way to hit dozens of stops, apps for planning the ultimate road trip, and apps to navigate you around traffic jams. Here's a list of best apps for drivers.

  1. Waze – Best for Dodging Traffic
    1. Turn-by-turn voice directions? Yes
    2. Cycle routes? No, driving routes only
    3. Traffic reports? Yes
    4. Offline maps? No
    5. You'll love: Accurate, up-to-date traffic info and good rerouting to get you around severe traffic.
  1. CoPilot – Best offline Maps
    1. Turn-by-turn voice directions? Yes
    2. Cycle routes? Yes, and walking
    3. Traffic reports? Yes, free for 12 months then $9.99/month after
    4. Offline maps? Yes
    5. You'll love: Excellent search feature for places and addresses; a comprehensive navigation interface that shows ETA, next turns, and overall route; offline use means minimal drain on your smartphone battery.
  1. Google Maps – All-Arounder
    1. Turn-by-turn voice directions? Yes
    2. Cycle routes? Yes, as well as walking and public transport directions
    3. Traffic reports? Yes
    4. Offline maps? Yes
    5. You'll love: Excellent integration with other Google software. If you use the Chrome browser on your smartphone, you can search for a place, then tap the map result to open it directly in Maps. Android users can mark routes and locations on custom maps in a web browser, save them to My Maps, then access them in the smartphone app.


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Best Apps for Drivers

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