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iFixScreens Deal Of The Month

What Can We Fix For You Today?

iFixScreens Deal Of The Month Save $25 on all Smartphone, Tablet, Mac, Or PC RepairsSave 35% on all accessories iPhone Shattered Screen Repair Starting at $49.99 FAST, AFFORDABLE IPHONE, SAMSUNG, SMARTPHONE, TABLET, LAPTOP, GAME CONSOLE, AND GADGET REPAIR Fix It With Gadgets Repair Experts Pay Now Save Later – Gift Cards are available, check store for […]

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iPhone 6 Plus Screen Replacement Tutorial

iFixScreens presents to you a DIY video tutorial, for how to replace your iPhone 6 Plus Screen. Remove both screws from the bottom of your iPhone 6 Plus.Insert the flat tool to pry open the screen, gently pushing upward.Use the suction cup to pull the screen up, separating it from the body.Hold the screen upright […]

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How To Replace Your iPhone 6 Plus Battery

Do it Yourself: Replace iPhone 6 Plus BatteryYour iPhone 6 Plus battery broke? You have the technical skills to fix it yourself?iFixScreens presents to you a DIY video tutorial, for how to replace your iPhone 6 Plus battery. If you want to know how to open your iPhone 6 Plus, watch this: First, unplug the […]

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How to replace your iPhone 6S Screen

iFixScreens presents to you a DIY video tutorial, for how to replace your iPhone 6S Screen.Did you drop you iPhone 6S and shattered the screen?Do you have technical skills for fixing your iPhone 6S screen with your own hands? Tools You Needs: Screw: to unscrew the parts Suction Cup: Remove the glass Pick: Separate the […]

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iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Quick Review

Buy the new iPhone 7 or not?  Lot of New Awesome Smartphones Released until now we reviewed in previous articles Moto G4 , Oneplus 3 and Lenovo Phap 2 On 7 September Apple announced its two new family members: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. With more new features and brave design decision that has […]

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How to Fast Save Your iPhone from Water Damage?

Your iPhone Fell in Water? What Should You Do? If you own an expensive phone, such as an iPhone, you would be very careful with it. You would do whatever you can to avoid any type of damage to it. One kind of damage that iPhone cannot deal well with is water damage. If some […]

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How To Expand Your iPhone Storage

How To Expand Your iPhone Storage One of the most painful things for iPhone users is that they cannot expand their iPhone storage. Apple is even still sticking to small 16GB models till now, which is not sufficient for most users. Also, there is no expansion via any type of cards like MicroSD in iPhones […]

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News For Apple Watch Users

News For Apple Watch Users If you are interested in smartwatches, you definitely know about Apple Watch as one of the most popular smartwatches in the market. However, Apple Watch users experience some latency and delay while using their watches. Here we are going to examine the causes of that problem and how Apple tried […]

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Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7

Battle of The Two Giants! Many mobile phones are expected to be released this year. Two of the most awaited mobile phones are Apple’s iPhone 7 and Samsung’s Galaxy S7 with their variants. Rumors, leaks and expectations for thesemobile phones are alreadyout. In this article, we will take alook into these rumors and expectations trying […]

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