Hands-Free Selfie Trend

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Hands-Free Selfie Trend

Hands-Free High Five Selfie Trend Have you heard about the latest craze storming the internet? As all insane trends start, one guy posted a tweet and it went viral. His post was a photo of his “feat”, a high-five, hands-free selfie trend.   We advise against throwing your phone in the air but if you can’t resist the urge to … Read More

Google Now on Tap

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Google Now

One of the greatest features that came with Android Marshmallow is Google Now on Tap. With Google Now, when you long-press the home button, Google Now shows up Google Now Cards that you set up. Now, in Android Marshmallow you can do more with Google Now on Tap. In this article we are going through this great feature and how … Read More

How To Back Up Your Data on Android Devices

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backing up data on android

Back Up Your Android Devices Data One of the scariest nightmares for every mobile user is the fear of losing data. This can happen in many situations.  For example, maybe your phone gets stolen or damaged. Maybe you have to buy a new phone because your old one is broken or lost. So, there must be a way to make you … Read More

What is The Right Phone Screen Size?

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smartphone screen sizes

Screen size is one of the most important features that one has to choose carefully. There are many different devices in the market with different screen sizes. That leaves regular user in confusion trying to figure out which screen size will be suitable for him. In this article, we are trying to eliminate that confusion and help you decide which screen size … Read More

Should I Repair Vs Replace My Broken Phone: A Guide From The Experts

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Repair Phone vs New Phone

Which is better, repairing your broken phone or replacing it with a new one? Almost all of us has been through the situation that a smartphone or a tablet is broken. Depending on many factors, you have a big decision to take. This decision should be also taken quickly because smartphones and tablets are indispensable nowadays. Most of us cannot … Read More

The Great OnePlus 3

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OnePlus 3 Features

You have most likely heard about OnePlus phones. In the past, you could only purchase one with an invite. Not everyone could buy the OnePlus One. That was the same with the release of OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X. Now, with the release of OnePlus 3, anyone can buy it with no invites required which is great news. The phone … Read More

Moto Z: The New Modular Phone

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moto z

It looks like 2016 will be the year of modular phones. Different vendors have released or announced modular phones earlier. For example, LG’s G5 and Google Ara which we have explored in a previous article. Lenovo is joining the game with two new phones: Moto Z and Moto Z force. In this article, we have a closer look on those … Read More