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Cell Phone Manufacturer Leave Mark On Android User Interface

What alterations are made to Android phones to help cell phone manufacturers leave their mark on them.

Its no secret that when you switch from different Android phones that you notice that the user interface is a bit different. Whether it be different in color, in the icons, or in the customization capabilities. Some phones are more cluttered like with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and others are a bit more simple like the Nexus 5. Wondering which phone is right for you? iFixScreens will give you all the pro's and con's to each manufacturers tweek to the Android User Interface.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 has one of the brightest and more cartoon like user interface. It is considered one of the more easier user interfaces to use. The Samsung Galaxy S5 runs TouchWiz which gives you a much brighter and richer design. Even though TouchWiz is a big pro to the user interface, all you can pretty much customize is the font and wallpaper. Other then that, it is not customizable. Besides the color and design factor Samsung has a tendency of packing a relatively large amount of features which gives it the "clutter" feeling. Some people love all the feature the phone gives, others don't.

Samsung Galaxy S5 I Fix Screens Android


The LG G3 has a more subtle and sophisticated design. The biggest advantage to this phone and user interface is that you can customize a lot more compared to its competitors such as the Samsung Galaxy S5. You can customize the control screen, the home screen, the animation or even when you want the phone to lock or unlock. This phone has a great, smooth multi-tasking feature which makes it really user friendly.

Lg G3 Android

Nexus 5

The user interface that the Nexus has know as Stock Android is unchanged from what Google has made the Android to be.  The phone runs KitKat and even though the user interface is unchanged they can vary from different phones for example the Nexus 5 and and Nexus 7. Since Google tweeked its design they will be different between the two. The advanatage to having this phone is that it gives you all the features that Google intended the OS to be, it has the original design made for the Android, as well as the fact that is is not cluttered with features that manufactuers  try to put to have their own touch.

Nexus 5 Android

HTC One M8

HTC named their user interface HTC Sense, which gives you some customization capabilities by being able to chose between different color schemes and fonts. Some believe it is very important to be able to chose your own color preference and fonts whereas others believe it is not a big deal. The HTC Sense is also known for Blinkfeed, which keeps all your social media updates on your home screen. If you are a person who is always checking their news feed whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram this user interface is for you!

Htc One M8 Android

Each manufacturer has their own way of tweeking the Android user interface to leave their own mark on it. Some people enjoy it while others don't. Which user interface suits you, is up to you! If you need more help or questions come visit us at any of the following Locations. Don't forget, if you need a screen repair come down and let the iFixScreens team assist you. If you break it, we can repair it! Our Mail-in address is also available to be as convenient to you as possible.

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