Cell Phone Repair

It’s no secret that cell phones are everywhere these days. It seems like nearly everyone has one. it Communicating with Friends, Family, and Coworkers and many other useful things.

Whether you shattered the glass on your iPad or dropped your iPhone in water, we can fix it. In fact, we can fix just about any issue you can imagine. Most of our repairs are completed in one day and all repairs come with our 90-day warranty.


if you have a broken cell phone screen and asked yourself i need “cell phone repair shop” near me. You live in New York, Georgia or Florida, you will find us welcoming you with our 35 cell phone repair shops.

We Repair Cell phones with broken screens or water damage and any other damage. you can send it to our store via our mail in repair service or you can sell your cell phone.

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ifixscreens locations across america throughout the northeast and plans for national expansion. we help get your device back working.

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