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How To Choose The Right Shop To Repair Your Smartphone?

How To Choose The Right Shop To Repair Your Smartphone?Smartphones are part of our life. We use them for nearly everything. However, there is always a moment of sadness when we suddenly break the screen or find out that the device is not working. Here questions begin to pop up: Where should I go to repair my smartphone? How do I know if I can trust this shop? What should I put in mind when I compare different phone repair professionals?

Here we offer you some guide on How to Choose the Right Shop to Repair your Smartphone?

Is there a shop near me?  (Locations)


iFixScreens have more than 35 shops across USA in New York, Florida and plans for national expansion. You can find us in Brooklyn, Bohemia, Miami, Dix Hills, Hicksville, Lake Grove and more. Find your nearest shop here.

What did clients think of them? (Customer Reviews)

Our Clients love us and we are so happy to help you get your smartphone back. Visit our Yelp, Facebook, Twitter and G+ check our customer reviews

What kind of Repair Services do they offer? (Repair Services)

At iFixScreens, you will find the service you want whether you want to repair your iPhone, iPad or your Smartphone. If your kids broke their PlayStation or LCD, we are here to help you with it.

What type of Warranty is offered? (Warranty)

How To Choose The Right Shop To Repair Your Smartphone?

All phones go through quality assurance and inspection before being returned to their owners.  All parts and repairs are warranted for 180 days from the date of repair or shipping.

How long does the repair take? (Time)

The turnaround time for most repairs is remarkable.  For those dropping by our locations we can typically do a repair within an hour, but we may quote you 2 hours just to be on the safe side.  For users of our mail-in repair service in most instances we are able to ship them back their phone the same day we receive it.

Do they have a blog to help me use my Smartphone better? (Extended Care)

How To Choose The Right Shop To Repair Your Smartphone?

A service provider that proactively offers professional information to their followers is an entity worth of your respect and trust. Every week we publish at our Blog new articles with many helpful tips, tricks and how to guides to help you get the best of your smartphone.

We promptly respond to customers’ questions or reviews on our pages on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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