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Chromebook vs Laptop, you may have stumbled upon a notebook labeled Chromebook and been wondering exactly what it means and the gap between it and the ordinary notebook.

  • Which one should you go for?
  • Which one suits your requirements the best?
  • What are the things that you should be looking at?
  • What should you be expecting from your device?

To answer this and many more in

Chromebook vs Laptop – Which one should you buy?

Chromebook Vs Laptop

Everything you need to know concerning Chromebook and how it differs from a normal laptop. Firstly, let us define a Chromebook.

 What is Chromebook?

Chromebook is technically a notebook; however, it only runs on Google Chrome OS, meaning that Windows and Mac OS programs don’t operate on those devices. Chromebooks, which are highly geared towards online use, used to be glorified browsers. More recently, Chromebooks started taking advantage of technical software after gaining entry to this Google Play Store. Because they can do more, Windows and macOS computers need more funds and require more powerful and expensive elements to keep things running smoothly. So which one is best for you? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. It depends on what you appreciate in a computer. Now let us look at the different use cases between them to allow you to choose wisely.

Chromebook Vs Laptop:
Software Assessment

Software accessibility is why individuals can choose to choose a Windows or Mac OS rather than a Chromebook. Most specialized applications like your AutoCAD, Adobe Premiere Pro, and a host of other technical software are published primarily for Windows and Mac OS laptops. Even though there are cloud alternatives to these dedicated applications for Chromebooks, like Adobe’s Lightroom picture editing applications and others, they are no match to the full-featured desktop choice. Therefore, if you make routine use of these types of specialized applications, then a Windows or Mac OS notebook is your very best alternative.

Chromebook Vs Laptop:
Games Assessment

Chromebook Vs Laptop Gaming

Chromebook can provide a fantastic gaming experience. Thanks to the Google Play Store, you’ve got an amazing catalog of gaming choices on Chrome OS. But there’s only one catch. Not many Android Games run well on Chrome OS, and some do not operate at all since they have been originally built for tablets and phones, not laptops. However, on the other hand, Windows and Mac OS laptops provide a far more enjoyable gaming experience. And because these triple-A games demand lots of computing tools, they could only be played with laptops rather than Chromebooks.   

Chromebook Vs Laptop:
Storage Assessment

There is no denying the fact that Windows and Mac OS laptops have the upper hand when it comes to storage. While 128 gigabytes is considered plentiful in the Chromebook world, Windows and Mac OS laptops with that amount of storage are lacking. If you have a huge collection of movies, videos, photos, music, and other resource-intensive files, you might want to consider going with Windows or Mac. OS. Taking advantage of the cloud is another great alternative and largely utilized Chromebooks. But the downside is that you need to ensure that you have a steady connection to the Internet. You can also use external storage. External hard drives, SD cards and USB flash drives can help alleviate the commonly low storage base in Chromebooks.

Chromebook Vs Laptop:
Battery life comparison

Chromebooks reigned supreme here. However, other laptops also catch up in this department due to low power processors and other improvements. It is very hard to conquer Chrome OS devices in battery lifetime. TheGoogle Pixel novel goes a 10-hour battery life, while the Pixel Slate enhances that with 12-hour runtime. Other Chromebooks usually get at least eight hours of juice in them. Those numbers are extremely uncommon from the Windows or Mac OS realm unless you pay more.   

Chromebook Vs Laptop:
Need for Portability

Chromebooks tend to be thinner, smaller, and lighter for the price. Meanwhile, ultra-portable traditional laptops are less common, and the few that can compete with Chromebook portability are usually significantly more expensive. 

Chromebook Vs Laptop:
Which one is more secure

While we can’t state any OS is completely safe, Chrome OS is not prone to attacks. Google has taken multiple steps to make sure its OS is secure from evil hands. Advanced chrome technologies such as sandboxing help restrict virus strikes within a particular infected app and remove them when procedures are stopped and rebooted. Speaking about shredding, all Chromebooks run confirmed boot, ensuring all documents and app integrity until it boots, while automatic updates helped eliminate any new threat to a Chromebook. Meanwhile, even Windows is a prime target for viruses, hackers, malware, viruses, and other online dangers. As a result, it’s more challenging to keep a Windows notebook clean. Mac OS is usually considered safer, but it’s still more vulnerable than simply Chrome OS.   

Chromebook Vs Laptop:
Performance assessment

If you are looking for is true performance, you won’t find it in a Chromebook; Windows and Mac OS laptops can be completely spaced out with all the necessary power to run anything you throw at them. On top of that, they are compatible with resource-demanding software. You can get much more power out of a regular laptop if you are willing to pay for the improved specs. The opposite is the case when it comes to Chromebooks. No matter how much money you throw at a Chromebook, the specs plateau steep after a certain point. For example, the Google Pixelbook Go can be completely spaced out for $1400. This gets you an Intel Core i7 processor, 16 gigabytes of RAM, 256gigabytes of storage, and a 4k screen. This is nothing to scoff at. But these are specs you can easily surpass in the Windows and Mac OS market. Remember, the Google Pixelbook Go, in its top configuration, is one of the best and most expensive Chromebooks around. You can’t get a higher spec Chromebook even if you are willing to pay for it. 

Chromebook Vs Laptop :
Price comparison

Chromebooks provide the best value at this time, and also, the operating system is not compatible with the majority of power-hungry software, which means Chromebook parts can lean to the more affordable territory. This is why a 300 Chromebook can often run faster and smoother than a traditional notebook costing twice the price. In addition, Chromebooks will boot, open programs, load pages and even turn off faster.  

Chromebook Vs Laptop :
Which one is best for you?

Chromebook Vs Laptop

Now that you know the main differences between Chromebooks and laptops, Which side are you choosing? In a nutshell, we would recommend Chromebooks to anyone who uses a computer for internet purposes and can dwell on Android apps for much more complicated processes. On the other hand, Chrome OS is much faster, more affordable, secure, and much easier to use. They also have a larger ecosystem of programs optimized for the notebook form factor.   

Top 3 Chromebooks

Chromebook Vs Laptop - Which One Is Best For You?Chromebook Vs LaptopChromebook Vs Laptop - Which One Is Best For You?

Here are the top three Chromebooks currently available in the market. One Google Pixelbook Go is easily the best Chromebook ever made. Two Lenovo Chromebook Duet best small Chromebook under$300. And the third one is the Asus Chromebook flip which offers premium Chromebook specs at a budget-friendly price. 


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