Antivirus Protection

Antivirus Protection

Antivirus Protection

Security & Antivirus Protection For Better Internet Security

Our antivirus solution is streamlined to scan, detect, and delete viruses from your computer. The software runs automatically and continuously in the background, keeping malware and viruses from harming your files, devices, privacy, and financial well-being. 

iFixScreens Know-How For Better Internet Security

  • The highest level of digital security
  • Secure online browsing prevents access to malicious websites
  • Constant virus & malware removal
  • Anti-tracking software
  • Helps prevent ransomware attacks before your data is held hostage
  • Optional add-on: Gold-standard VPN encryption & Password Manager helps protect your personal information

What Makes This Solution Unique From Others?

  • AI detects threats instantly from the moment they appear
  • Installation is quick, frictionless and painless
  • Removes existing infections without slowing down your performance
  • Simple to navigate for home users

How Can You Tell If You Have a Problem ifixscreens Can Fix?

  • Browser freezes or becomes unresponsive
  • You get redirected to web pages other than the ones you are trying to visit
  • Bombarded with pop-up messages
  • Computer runs slower than usual
  • New icons appear on your desktop that you don't recognize

Threats are real, and people are worried. Cyber hacks are the #1 crime Americans worry about according to Statista Research.

  • 74% worry about their personal, credit card, or financial information being stolen by hackers
  • 72% worry about being the victim of identity theft

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