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Cortana Digital Assistant Now Available For All Devices!

Cortana is a clever personal assistant released by Microsoft over a year. it was originally released to target Windows phone exclusively, but after the launch of Microsoft's Windows 10, the game rules have changed.Cortana Personal Assistant

it can provide a unique personal assistance experience. It can help you find answers to questions using the internet "Bing Search Engine", find stuff on your device, make reminders and many more. You can either write a question so that can answer it or you can always use the microphone to ask your question. You can use the help of it to get weather stats, answer any kind of questions, track your packages, know about game scores or even have some fun chatting with her. You may ask it also to roll a dice or flip a coin through voice commands. it include a voice recognition system which enables users to issue voice commands through microphone directly.

Another great advantage of Cortana is that it is heavily customizable according to your region, language and personality. It knows more about you everyday and adapts its settings to your personal preferences thanks to synthesized AI. Also, it is available in many languages such as English, Italian, Chinese, French, Japanese and Spanish. A great feature that Microsoft worked on is "task continuation". It refers to the synchronization of your personal settings and preferences for Cortana between your different devices (PC, notebook, mobile phone and tablet). These preferences include regional and language settings, interests, weather and many more. The whole synchronization is greatly seamless.

Microsoft announced that it will be available for Windows 10 desktops and mobile devices in early 2015. However, Microsoft worked hard to deliver it to other competitive platforms. In mid 2015, Microsoft announced that it would be available for other mobile platforms (Android and iOS) as third-party apps. The official release of Cortana apps for Android and iOS was in December, 2015.

The official release of Cortana for Android is almost the same as the one for Windows 10 except for a very few features which are only available for the Windows 10 version. The good news for Android users is that they will get more features than what iOS users would get regarding Cortana thanks to the partnership between Microsoft and Cyanogen (a start-up that releases custom Android version for different devices). Cyanogen is expected to make the experience of using Cortana on an Android device way better.

On the other hand, Microsoft faces many difficulties adopting the full features of Cortana to iOS devices. The main factor fencing the full integration of Cortana into iOS is some developer restrictions that Apple forces upon iOS development. Some of the most important features that are not yet available on iOS version of Cortana include saying "Hey Cortana" to wake her up and task continuation. However, Microsoft is trying hard to improve Cortana and fully integrate it into iOS. We might see a cooperation of any kind between Apple and Microsoft to achieve this.

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