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Protect Your Valuable Information from Data Breaches

Have you backed up the data on your computer or device recently? In today's increasing cybersecurity threats and data breaches, storing your information somewhere other than your computer or device is essential to avoid losing it. At iFixScreens, we provide data backup and encryption services to help you be prepared for the worst-case scenario with a strategic data protection plan. If you have already experienced data loss, our IT support team can assist you with recovering your information.

Why Are Cloud Backup & Data Encryption Necessary?

At iFixScreens, we proudly provide various custom backup and managed IT services catering to small businesses. In the following paragraphs, we will explain why these services are crucial and how businesses can utilize them to enhance security and achieve peace of mind.

Today's businesses thrive on data. No matter the industry or the business scope, enterprises must always be able to access essential data. Compromised information can cause downtime, ransomware attacks, and other issues that can destroy thriving businesses. Cloud backup and data encryption are crucial investments for businesses:

  • Protecting a Mobile WorkforceIn today's fast-paced work environment, employees are frequently on the move. While mobile devices bring many advantages, they also pose significant security risks. Encryption is an effective way to protect both stationary and mobile data, making it an ideal solution for securing devices as they travel from one location to another.
  • Preventing Ransomware AttacksRansomware attacks are becoming more frequent among small and medium-sized businesses. Such attacks restrict victims from accessing important data, and the attackers demand ransom to return access. Unfortunately, the ransom amount demanded is often too high for small businesses to afford, and even if paid, there is no guarantee that attackers will not strike again. However, businesses with comprehensive backup strategies are less vulnerable to such attacks, as their data remains secure and inaccessible to attackers.
  • Minimizing DowntimeData downtime can be catastrophic for businesses. Backing up critical data can help them recover quickly from attacks or other problematic situations. While a robust security plan can ideally prevent breaches, it's always wise to assume that backed-up data will be necessary at some point to restore essential functions.

What Are the Types Of Data Backup?

Various data backup solutions are available, but only some approaches are ideal in some situations. The following are among the most common backup approaches:

What different upgrades can do:

  • Full BackupA full backup is a type of backup that includes all the files and data that a business has. This method is commonly used for the initial backup process and is typically replaced with a more efficient approach for future backups. Some businesses may also perform full backups on a monthly or quarterly basis. However, due to this method's high bandwidth and storage requirements, many businesses opt for other alternatives.
  • Incremental BackupUnder an incremental backup method, only files that have been changed since the last backup are backed up. This approach is faster and can be done more frequently than full backups. Incremental backups also allow for the storage of multiple versions of important files. However, in case of recovery, all increments need to be restored. Moreover, restoring a specific file can be challenging as multiple sets have to be searched.
  • Differential BackupThis backup method is cumulative and only backs up files that have changed since the last full backup, not the last incremental one. It can significantly reduce restoration time.

Backup is not a one-size-fits-all. Your backup approach should be tailored to fit your situation.

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Are you looking for comprehensive data security services for your business? Look only as far as iFixScreens. We offer a range of cloud backup and data encryption services to ensure your sensitive information is always safe and secure. Our team also provides custom IT solutions tailored to your company's needs. Our affordable managed IT services are ideal for enterprises looking to strengthen and streamline their security protocols. Don't hesitate to ask for our help in arming your business with the best security solutions.

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