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5 Subtle Things To Consider Before Replacement

Time will come that you will inevitably change phones. It may be because it has already served its purpose and the phone has already broken down, or you already had decided on upgrading for the newest and most advanced model that you think suits you better. According to the last 2018 report from the Mobile Connectivity Report from NPD Connected Intelligence, average smartphone users tend to upgrade or change their phones every 32 months (2 years and eight months). Based on the continuous years of conducting this research, they have noticed the trend that people have been keeping their phones on average longer as the years’ pass. The percentage of people holding on to their smartphones longer has increased dramatically for the past three years.

Some factors that may contribute to this growing trend may be because the cost of the newest smartphones have skyrocketed or the overabundance of smartphones nowadays that gives the consumers feeling that they are just all the same. So when should one resort to device replacement, when it’s broken? of course. But what if it doesn’t appear broken yet? Here are some of the subtle things that you should take notice on your own devices to see if you need to replace it already or not:

  • Your Phone Camera Takes Way Too Long to Take a Picture

Smartphones have been synonymous with cameras for almost the past decade now. Some go as far as buying a new device model just for its built-in camera while phone companies have been focusing so much on it that the feature itself has become its most significant selling point. With that said, if your phone takes way too long to capture your desired picture than average, then that is now a clear sign for device replacement.

  • The Battery Dies Down Even Before Reaching the Half of your Day

Our smart phone’s batteries are built and designed to at least last although out our day. If you are not using it for heavily draining processes, its cells should take you almost throughout the day. Decreasing battery life equals an aging phone. A phone’s battery has its lifespan, without proper care and maintenance; it will surely die down faster than how it should be. If your phone battery seems like it does not serve its purpose, then it’s time to change batteries or better yet, the whole device.

  • It is Way too Slow, Even with Minimal Processes Simultaneously

Smartphones are helping us multitask. With its invaluable accessibility, we are now more likely to do our tasks on our devices itself rather than on a laptop. Not only that. We also use our phones to play games, communicate with our friends, surf the internet, and many more. Our phones were designed by phone companies so that it can handle multiple processes all at once. So if you feel like it is slow or can’t even handle 2 to 3 applications simultaneously, a replacement should be considered.

  • Applications Are Just Suddenly Crashing and Seem Unstable

Our phones are built to be very accessible. It needs to be able to run an application as smooth as it can be. It should not just stop out of the blue or crash. That’s a bad sign that phone’s processor is now weak or its operating system is unstable. A good workaround for such problems is to reboot your phone and see if that handles it. If not, then you better browse for your new phone now.

  • The Phone is Overheating Easily

Overheating is the last thing you want your phone to do. It can be very dangerous if your phone has a high temperature. It has a chance to explode, and that will put you in danger. Avoid constant overcharging and always keep in mind the heat of your phones. If it is easily overheating, then it is now a good idea to change phones as soon as possible. A constantly overheating phone is a time bomb. Do not put your lives in danger as well as the people around you.

Being broken alone should not be the only basis for replacement. You must keep a constant eye to these subtle things to help you determine whether it is now in your best interest to replace your device already. And if your device does break down, there are trustworthy repair shops out there as well that can help you restore your devices and assist you in any way they can. At https://ifixscreens.com, you can learn a lot about smartphones. We can fix your device professionally and help you in any form with regards to smartphones and other devices.

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