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5 Differences between Original and Fake Screen Repairs for iPhone

Apple iPhones are known worldwide for their stunning display quality. However, when people have their iPhone undergo some kind of screen repair or replacement then they get deceived with fake screen repairs. This is because of the existence of some third-party copies in the market.

You can easily differentiate between the build and quality of an original and the fake ones. Let’s move further and have an insight into some of the major differences between original and fake screen repairs for the iPhone.

Markings on Flex Cable

Markings on Flex Cable

Most of the iPhone screens are comprised of two basic things: 

  • Digitizer
  • Display

All you need to do is to look for a “V” shape on both Digitizer Flex and the Display/LCD Flex. If both of them contain this symbol then you have original parts or screen repairs.

However, this may not be the case with every “V” marked on these parts. Sometimes either of them has a mark and the other one misses it. Therefore, concerning those scenarios, if you have a “V” mark on LCD Flex then you have an original LCD but fake Digitizer. Also, the “V” mark only on Digitizer Flex exhibits the original Digitizer but fake screen.

LCD Flex Cable IC Chip

LCD Flex Cable IC Chip

LCD Flex cable has an IC chip at its bottom that is responsible to regulate power and display information from the mainboard to the LCD itself. 

However, this part can also be fake and we have got a very interesting trick to figure that out. The original IC has an upside-down triangle engraved on it but the fake one misses it. 

Make sure your LCD Flex cable IC chip has this triangle on it and if not the avoid purchasing that phone or repairing service from a vendor.

Resolution Quality

Resolution Quality

iPhones have an outstanding display with respect to resolution. Either it is the LCD or OLED, you get stunning results from both of them. However, this is not the case with copy display panels.

If you want to figure out whether your iPhone screen is original or not then one of doing is through retina or HD quality DPI of the display. Fake iPhone screens don’t have HD quality DPI so, you can easily compare it by placing the original screen side by side.

This will eventually enable you to identify the fake screen and save you from fraud.

Screen Glass

Screen Glass

If you want to replace the glass of your iPhone due to cracks in it or some other reasons then you should have an idea whether the technician is providing you with original glass or some fake copy.

The original iPhone screen contains gorilla glass that has:

  • Higher water resistance properties
  • Anti-dust properties
  • Anti-fingerprint properties
  • Scratch resistance properties

However, you won’t see all these features in the fake screen glass.

Temporary Freezing of Your iPhone’s Screens

Temporary Freezing of Your iPhone’s Screens

Most of the iPhone users complain about screen freezing at different intervals. This is because of the fake display panel. If you have got your screen replaced then there are chances that it might get stuck at some intervals in the future. 

However, the original screen doesn’t freeze at all, unless it has some bug that can easily be solved by restoring the device.

Click here to read a comprehensive guide on Apple’s official website to know more about the difference between original and fake iPhone screens.

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