How to Fast Save Your iPhone from Water Damage?

Your iPhone Fell in Water? What Should You Do?

If you own an expensive phone, such as an iPhone, you would be very careful with it. You would do whatever you can to avoid any type of damage to it. One kind of damage that iPhone cannot deal well with is water damage. If some fluid or water is accidentally poured onto the screen or the phone itself fell into an amount of water. If that was the case, you should go definitely to the nearest branch of iFixScreens. But in the meantime, there are some tricks that may be useful for emergencies to increase the chance of getting your phone repaired.


The first thing you should do if you got in a “fluid accident” is to get your phone quickly out of the water or fluid and wipe it well. You should turn off the phone at once also. The fastest you do those steps; the more chances you get your phone recovered from the water damage.  

One of the most popular methods of absorbing water from your device’s screen is:

  • Putting it into a bowl of uncooked rice. Rice is known for absorbing water and moisture. Also, a lot of user experience has supported this theory. Many showed that putting the phone in rice helped them to get good results with water damaged screens. This solution might be a little slow as you would need to put your wet phone in rice for about two days to get the best results.


  • Another quick solution is using the hair-dryer. However, most companies strongly advice to avoid using hair-dryers. But if the screen is the affected part, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. You can use the dryer at the lowest heat setting and for very short period. You should also keep it as far as possible from the phone to prevent any damage to other electronic parts of the phone.
  • You can also use silica gel which is known as a very efficient absorbent. Just put your phone along with about two silica gel packets in a sealed bag. That would almost absorb all water if you leave it for about 3 days. So, a lot of iPhone users recommend this way.


These tips were like first-aid emergencies but if you have any problem with your phone like water damage or any kind of screen damage just come to one of many iFixScreens branches around the states and our specialists will provide you phone with the greatest care ever.

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