Expert Techniques to Fix Water-Spillage Damages of PC

Have you spilled water or coffee in your PC? Now your laptop or computer may have stopped functioning. You may frantically find several procedures to save your computer from the damage caused by liquid. Technicians recommend turning off your PC immediately and unplugging your CPU. In case to Wet-PC emergency, take it to damage computer repairing store to save your PC or laptop. Professional technicians follow some innovative methods to fix the damage that cannot be done by laymen. Here are some methods used by mechanics to solve the water damage:


1: Remove the easily detachable outer components

The expert technicians of damage computer repairing store firstly unplug the cables and remove the flash drives and leave the PC bare.

2: Dry the machine

After taking out the components and unplugging them from your computer, and wipe the wet surfaces and dry it with a lint-free absorbent fabric. Compared to alcoholic liquids and sugary tea or coffee, water is less corrosive. The experts dry the water absorbed components and boards of the computer.

3: Remove the inner parts

It is a daunting task for a layman to unfasten the inner parts of the PC, so expert’s help is required. The technician removes the keyboard, drives, & top panel and memory modules in a motherboard with a small screwdriver, thin tool or small butter knife.

4: Disassemble the function of Motherboard

After opening the parts, the professionals disassemble the function of wet Motherboard and use anti-static tool to prevent ESD (Emanating Electrostatic Discharge), which can destroy a computer.

5: Examine each component specifically

The professionals of damage computer repairing shop check the corrosion or wetness of the components of the PC or laptop with specific tools and apply the appropriate process to solve the issue.

6: Swab the water or other liquid

The mechanics use a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol to dissolve gunk without causing damage and support to evaporate without leaving a residue.

7: Remove corrosion

To remove corrosion effect the experts’ use 50% distilled water and dip a flannel cloth in it to clear the corrosion-effect of sugary and alcoholic liquids on your computer.

8: Air-drying process

The mechanics dry the parts of the PC with dryer-tools and keep it in a warm area for 2-3 days to solve the static problem.

Final Approach

Do not ignore the serious problem of water spillage on your PC and take it to a reliable damage computer repairing shop. The experts can follow appropriate procedures to fix the issue affected by water or liquid spillage on your desktop or laptop.

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