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Is Your Apple Watch Display Too Dim? Here’s the Solution to It!

Have you ever had your Apple Watch, which usually has great brightness, suddenly dim out of the blue? Worry not, as you do not have to face that issue again. This blog will explain some very easy steps to help you fix this dimness issue.

There are different reasons why this issue might occur despite your watch being brand new! So, how can you avoid this problem? Let’s see how you can find solutions to it.

Is Your Apple Watch Display Too Dim? Here’s The Solution To It!

Key Takeaways

  • Check Brightness Settings: Swipe up on watch face to open Control Center and adjust the brightness slider.
  • Disable Power Saving Mode: Go to Settings > Battery and ensure Power Saving Mode is off.
  • Restart your Apple Watch: Press and hold side button until you see the Power Off slider, then drag to turn off. Press and hold again to restart.
  • Update Software: Pair iPhone with Watch, then go to General > Software Update on Apple Watch.
  • Clean the Display: Turn off Watch, remove bands, then lightly dampen a soft, lint-free cloth with water or mild soap solution and wipe the display gently.
  • Reset Settings (if other steps fail): Open Settings app on Watch, go to General > Reset > Reset All Settings. This won't erase your data.
  • Contact Apple Support or a repair store if none of these steps work.

Here’s How You Can Solve This Issue!

1. Adjust Brightness Settings:

The brightness settings on your Apple Watch control the intensity of the display backlight. Lower brightness levels can conserve battery but might be less visible in bright conditions.

  • Swipe up on your Apple Watch face to open the Control Center.

  • Locate the brightness slider and adjust it to increase the brightness level. This slider lets you control how bright or dim your watch display appears.

Adjust Brightness Settings

2. Check Power Saving Mode:

Power Reserve mode significantly reduces power consumption by dimming the display and disabling most features, conserving battery life. Exiting this mode restores normal brightness and functionality.

  • If your watch has a Power Saving Mode enabled, it may dim the display to conserve battery life. To check:

  • Go to Settings on your Apple Watch.

  • Look for Battery or Power Saving options and ensure they are not activated.

Check Power Saving Mode

3. Restart Your Apple Watch:

Restarting your Apple Watch can resolve many temporary issues affecting display brightness. This process refreshes the system, reinitializes hardware components, and often restores normal functionality and brightness settings. Regularly restarting your device can help maintain its performance and address minor software-related problems.

  • Press and hold the side button until the Power Off slider is visible.

  • Drag the slider to turn off your watch.

  • Press and hold down the side button until the Apple logo appears to restart your watch.

Restart Your Apple Watch

4. Update Software:

Software updates often include bug fixes and performance improvements that can resolve display brightness issues. Keeping the WatchOS up-to-date ensures optimal functionality and system performance.

  • Ensure your Apple Watch has the latest software update installed:

  • Pair your iPhone once you set up the Apple Watch.

  • General > Software Update and download/install any available updates.

Update Software

5. Clean the Display:

To clean the display of your Apple Watch, first, turn it off and remove the bands if desired. Lightly dampen a soft, lint-free cloth with water or a mild soap solution. Gently wipe the display in small, circular motions, then dry it with a dry part of the cloth. Avoid excessive moisture and harsh chemicals. 

  • Wipe the screen gently with a clean, lint-free, slightly dampened microfiber cloth. Dirt, oils, or smudges can sometimes affect display brightness.

Clean The Display

6. Reset Settings:

Resetting all settings to default can fix misconfigurations that may be causing the display to appear dim, without affecting personal data or apps, thereby restoring optimal display performance.

  • If other steps haven't resolved the issue, you can reset your Apple Watch settings:

  • Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch.

  • Go to General > Reset > Reset All Settings. This won't erase your data but will reset system settings like brightness and notifications.

Reset Settings

All these methods have proven simple yet effective in solving this issue. However, if none of these steps work, you can contact Apple Support or visit local repair stores. For a reliable and efficient solution, consider contacting iFixScreens for your Apple Watch repair. With our top-quality services, your Apple Watch will be expertly repaired on same day!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if your Apple Watch Series display becomes too dim, there are different ways to solve the issue. We will start by adjusting the brightness settings through the Control Center and making sure that Power Saving Mode isn't activated. If the problem still remains, try restarting your watch, updating its software, and cleaning the display.

If these steps are ineffective, you can reset your watch settings or contact Apple Support for help. These troubleshooting steps should help you restore the brightness and overall performance of your Apple Watch Series display.


Q. Why is my Apple Watch display so dim?

A. Brightness settings, software problems, battery levels, etc., could be the reason for the dimness of your Apple Watch.

Q. How do I stop my Apple Watch from dimming?

A. You can quickly stop your Apple Watch from dimming by adjusting brightness settings using the wake screen or screen timeouts.

Q. Why has my Apple Watch screen gone dark?

A. It could happen due to software glitches, faulty batteries, display issues, etc.


Q. Does the Apple Watch Ultra auto adjusts brightness?

A. The ambient light sensor feature auto-adjusts the brightness levels. 

Q. Does the Apple Watch screen go black?

A. Due to complicated settings, sometimes the screen of your Apple Watch can go dark. 

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