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Common Google Pixel Watch 2 Problems and How to Fix Them

Even the best devices can experience occasional glitches. If you're facing issues with your Pixel Watch 2, don't worry! This guide will address some common problems Pixel Watch 2 users encounter and provide solutions to get your smartwatch running smoothly again.

Common Google Pixel Watch 2 Problems And How To Fix Them

Key Takeaways

  • If facing battery issues, ensure proper alignment with the charging puck and consider turning off the Battery Defender feature.
  • Verify Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings, update software, and check eSIM details for LTE models to resolve connectivity problems.
  • Mitigate screen burn-in by turning off the always-on display feature or using Bedtime mode.
  • Restart the watch, update apps, and clear app cache to resolve app-related issues.
  • Excessive passcode requests may indicate an insecure band fit; consider securing the watch properly or disabling the PIN/pattern.
  • Reboot the watch or toggle Autolaunch Media Controls to address non-functional media controls.
  • If issues persist, contact Google Pixel Watch support or iFixScreens for specialized assistance.

Battery Life Woes:

Battery Life Woes

Issue: Disappointed with your Pixel Watch 2's battery life? Here's the solution:


  • Google hasn't explicitly addressed the cause of Pixel Watch's battery issues but has provided a dedicated support page titled "Fix a Google Pixel Watch that won't charge" for assistance.
  • The support page suggests turning off the watch's Battery Defender feature.
  • If your Pixel Watch 2 isn't turning to the charging puck, ensure the pins on the puck align perfectly with the back of the watch, as the charging puck differs from the original Pixel Watch.
  • Let the watch charge for at least 10 minutes. Eventually, you should see a lightning bolt icon and a low battery percentage on the Display.
  • Once the watch boots up, you'll see the Google log display.
  • If the battery percentage remains at 80%, Google's advice is to turn off the watch's Battery Defender feature. This feature prevents overcharging by halting charging after four or more days on the charger.
  • If you receive a notification indicating the battery isn't charging beyond 80%, remove the watch from the charger and reattach it to enable a full charge.

Connectivity Problems:

Connectivity Problems

Issue: Are you having trouble connecting your Pixel Watch 2 to your phone? Take a look at the following solution:


First, ensure Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled on your watch and phone. Restart both devices and try reconnecting. If using an LTE model, verify your eSIM details are correct. Double-check for software updates on your watch and phone - outdated software can cause connection issues.

Display and Screen Problems:

Display And Screen Problems

Issue: Experiencing screen freezing, glitches, or burn-in (faint image remnants). Some users of the Pixel Watch 2 have reported encountering a screen burn-in problem, characterized by discoloration or afterimages on the Display. This issue can affect various device types, including OLED and CRT screens.


Fortunately, the screen burn-in problem on the Pixel Watch 2 appears to be temporary and software-related. Google is expected to release a fix for it soon. In the meantime, users have two options to mitigate the issue:

Turn off the always-on display feature: Navigate to the watch settings, select Display, and toggle off the always-on screen setting.

Use Bedtime mode: Swipe down from the top of the screen to access the Quick Settings menu, then tap the Bedtime mode icon. Activating Bedtime mode will turn off the watch's tilt-to-wake option.

Outdated Google Calendar Notifications on Pixel Watch 2

Outdated Google Calendar Notifications On Pixel Watch 2

Issue: Outdated Google Calendar notifications don't work

If you encounter repetitive calendar notifications or notifications for past events on your Pixel Watch 2, even after removing the events from your calendar, you're experiencing an issue with outdated notifications.


Restart your watch:

  • Open the Settings app and select System.

  • Tap on Restart to reboot your watch.

  • Alternatively, press and hold the watch's crown for five seconds and reboot through the menu that appears.

Clear the Calendar app cache:

  • Navigate to Settings.

  • Choose Apps and Notifications > App Info.

  • Select System Apps> Calendar > App Info.

  • Tap on Clear cache to clear the Calendar app cache.

Further troubleshooting may be required if the problem persists after following these steps.

Excessive Passcode Requests on Pixel Watch 2

Excessive Passcode Requests On Pixel Watch 2

Issue: Dealing with Excessive Passcode Requests on Your Pixel Watch 2


To ensure maximum security and compliance with Google Wallet requirements, a PIN or pattern must be set up during the initial setup of your Pixel Watch 2. Typically, you're prompted to enter this information only when using Google Wallet or putting the watch back on your wrist.

However, some Pixel Watch 2 users have reported encountering repeated requests to enter their PIN or pattern. This issue can often be resolved by ensuring the watch band is securely fastened, indicating to the watch that it's being worn.

Alternatively, turning off the PIN or pattern is a workaround, but it means forfeiting the ability to use Google Wallet.

App Issues:

App Issues

Issue: Are apps crashing or behaving unexpectedly?


Try restarting your watch. For persistent issues, update the app in question through the Play Store on your phone. Rebooting your phone might also help. In some cases, clearing the app's cache and data (Settings > Apps & notifications > App info) may be necessary.

Non-functional Media Controls on Pixel Watch 2

Non-Functional Media Controls On Pixel Watch 2

Issue: Your Pixel Watch 2 is equipped to manage various media types, such as music and podcasts, with controls designed to activate seamlessly when required. However, some users have encountered instances where these controls fail to function as intended or vanish unexpectedly.


To address this issue, you can attempt rebooting the Pixel Watch 2. Another potential solution involves toggling the Autolaunch Media Controls feature on and off. Navigate to the watch settings, then select Apps and Notifications > App Info > System apps > Media Controls to access this setting. From there, disable the feature, then re-enable it from the same screen.

Final Thoughts: Still Having Issues?

Still Having Issues On Your Google Pixel Watch 2

If the solutions above don't resolve your Pixel Watch 2 issue, consider contacting Google Pixel Watch support or iFixScreens for further assistance. They can provide more specific solutions based on your unique problem.

iFixScreens has become the go-to destination for Google Pixel Watch repair, completing thousands of successful repairs annually. Our commitment to excellence, top-notch parts, and unparalleled service ensure that every store visit ends with a satisfied smile.

By following these tips and exploring troubleshooting resources, you should be able to get your Pixel Watch 2 functioning optimally and back to being your trusty smartwatch companion.


Q. What are Google Pixel Watch 2 Charging Issues?

A. Check the battery and battery defender features if your Google Pixel Watch 2 has charging issues. If necessary, consider turning off the battery defender feature. 

Q. What are some common issues with Google Pixel Watch 2, and how can I fix them?

A. Some Google Pixel Watch 2 problems users may encounter include charging issues, display glitches, and software bugs. To fix these issues, try restarting the watch, updating the software, or checking the charger connection.

Q. My Google Pixel Watch 2 is not charging correctly; what should I do?

A. If your Pixel Watch 2 is experiencing charging issues, check the charger and the watch's charging port for any debris or damage. You can also try using a different charger or power source to see if that fixes the problem.

Q. The Display on my Pixel Watch 2 has a screen burn-in. How can I resolve this issue?

A. If you notice a screen burn-in on your Google Pixel Watch 2, try turning off the watch and letting it rest for some time.

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