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The Best Gaming Consoles of 2019: Play Anywhere Anytime

It’s a great time to shop for the best gaming console. The gaming world has moved on a lot since the days when you only had one or two consoles to pick from. 

But fast-forward to 2019 and choosing the right console for you is a lot harder. Sure there are still plenty of exclusives that could seal the deal for you, but most of the new games out there these days are multi-platform. 

The Best Gaming Consoles Of 2022: Play Anywhere Anytime


Which is the best Gaming Consoles of 2019?

There are several choices in improved hardware, such as Sony’s PS4 Pro, Microsoft’s Xbox One X, and sub-platforms like PlayStation VR. If you’re on a budget, the original versions of these consoles are now sold at more affordable prices.

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Also, the war between Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo continue.

Nintendo Switch

The NES Classic Mini is a highly nostalgic console for kids who come from the ’80s. Nintendo sidestepped the current console arms race by changing not how you use your console, but where. The Switch is a hybrid device that plugs into television like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One but also works as a handheld.

The NES Classic is a compact and a dedicated recreation of the original. The console fits in the palm of your hand, follows the same white and grey design found in the original and has a bunch of old games bundled into it.

While it doesn’t quite have the energy to play the latest 4K, 60 fps releases for Xbox One or PS4, the Switch can play Doom at a smooth 30 fps anywhere you want to, and that’s more than good enough for a lot of gamers.

A fact is that a massive collection of 30 retro games are included in the console and these 8-bit games are highly nostalgic. The list includes titles like Dr. Mario and Pac-Man. Besides, the console even comes with different display modes so that you could make your LED TV look like old CRT televisions, change its aspect ratio it 4:3 and also choose for a Pixel Perfect mode for great gaming. Nintendo has also made the controller compatible with Wii and Wii U games for NES virtual console games.

Important  Reasons to Buy a Nintendo NES Classic?

  • It comes bundled with an excellent collection of 30 different retro games including Mario and Pac-Man
  • The console looks nostalgic, has an excellent design and supports two-player gaming so that you can enjoy it with a friend or sibling


The Sony PlayStation 4Pro is one of the most powerful gaming consoles that you can lay your hands on. The console is one of the best when it comes to graphical performance. The graphics are spectacular and enhanced gameplay supports faster frame rates delivering crisp and sharp action. It is compatible with all PS4 games. You get 4K streaming and 4K auto-upscale for all video content. Its library is vast that can be played in HD. Blu-Ray discs can also be used on it making it multi-media functional. This is one of the best gaming consoles to own.

Picking PlayStation 4 also opens the door for you to pick up PlayStation VR, which, as we’ve noted, is the most affordable premium VR headset available. Microsoft, meanwhile, has confirmed that VR support is not coming to the Xbox One X.

Important Reasons to Buy a PlayStation 4 PRO?

Native and upscale 4K

A more affordable 4K option

No need for a new game library


You will get 4K HDR gaming experience with the Xbox One X. The games look stunning when played and the HDR support of the console brings out every little detail in the game.

Microsoft gave us better hardware in the Xbox One X. It offers the same 4K Blu-ray and HDR video playback as the One S, while also bringing that visual enhancement to games. It won’t be getting VR, however — which may disappoint those hoping it could be an inexpensive entry point to high-quality VR experiences.

The Xbox One X is Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s PS4 Pro and it’s safe to say it’s a pretty good one. Just like the PS4 Pro this console outputs native and upscaled 4K as well as HDR on games that have been patched to support these features. But because of its much better specs, the Xbox One X offers native 4K on many more games than the PS4 Pro. And it’s often more consistent in maintaining a 4K output. If you’re looking for the best 4K gaming experience possible on a console, the Xbox One X should be your choice.

Important Reasons to Buy an XBOX ONE X?

  • Extensive processor capabilities
  • Phenomenal 4K display
  • Portable Wi-Fi access
  • Can also be used to stream TV/movies

Xbox One S:

The console is compact, has a nice finish to it and can also act as a 4K Blu-ray player.

Microsoft’s Xbox One S console is the newest version of the gaming console which is now much slimmer, available in white and has its power brick mounted on the inside. The console is all white, but the power and the games that work on it remains the same.

Something this console can do that the standard PS4 console can’t upscale 4K. The Xbox One S’s 4K capabilities aren’t at the same level as the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X as the 1080p images are largely just stretched to fit a 4K screen without any clever checkerboarding but this rudimentary upscaling is reasonably impressive in a console with price starting from only £170/$190. 

If you have a large physical Ultra HD Blu-ray collection and it’s important to you that you’re able to play it then the Xbox One S will definitely win your help here. 

Important Reasons to Buy an XBOX ONE S?

Very affordable console

4K Blu-ray player

Upscaled 4K gaming

Excellent backward compatibility

Best Gaming Consoles in Affordable Virtual Reality:

The world has changed in the past decade and within the next few years; you might hardly be able to say no to virtual reality. The VR technology has thundered big on a whole new way than anyone expected because of Facebook that purchased this small company to boost it further. The Oculus Go is a revolutionary product in many ways as it can not only game with moderate mobile-like graphics but can also be used to watch movies, sports on a big screen theatre.

The Oculus Go is an excellent gaming device that most are still not aware of. Once you start playing immersive VR games like Table Tennis, Fish Hunting, and Zombie or Space Shooters, you will seldom feel like coming back to your current generation consoles that still play only on television. The best part about this VR headset is that it is completely wireless and you can play anywhere in your home.

Important Reasons to Buy a Virtual Reality:

  • Oculus Go is completely wireless and easy to use, besides having an affordable price tag
  • The games are not going to beat any PC titles but they are fun, addictive and are highly immersive

Best VR Gaming Consoles that Works with PS4

  • PlayStation VR Headset + Camera Bundle

The PS VR headset is a virtual reality gaming peripheral which you have to buy separately and only works with the PlayStation 4 console. The headset is wired and works great with a large collection of games. Unlike Microsoft which was focused on motion gaming with Kinect and Xbox One console, Sony took a giant leap into the world of VR gaming and they have definitely succeeded to a good extent.

Everything about the PS VR is amazing except for the pricing fact that you have to spend the same sum as buying a PS4 console in order to gain this experience. One of the biggest advantages of this headset is that the company has been supporting its big time with new title releases from time to time. You will have at least a dozen titles to buy as soon as you get the headset and experience shooters, racing games among many others.

The PS VR is lightweight and doesn’t exert any pressure on the head. Many gamers and professional reviewers have confirmed that it is easy to wear for long hours. Once you start gaming, you might end up wearing it for two hours or even more to keep playing without breaks.

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