Google Ara Will Be Released To Consumers in 2017

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Google Ara Will Be Released To Consumers in 2017

Google has previously released its popular Nexus phones which are considered standard Android phones in the world. However, Google didn’t produce the hardware for these phones itself. Nexus phones have been built by other Google partners. For example, the Nexus 5 phone was built by LG and the Nexus 6P was manufactured by Huawei. The next year will witness the release of the first phone manufactured by Google. Google have been lately working on a special phone called Ara and it has recently announced it will be in consumers’ hands next year. In this article we have a look at that.

Thanks to the changes Google has made to the team, the Ara Project is starting to be real rather being just a dream. The project has been transferred from the ATAP research lab to the Google hardware unit. This gave things some push in the right direction. In this year’s Google I/O, Google showed us a prototype of the Ara phone.

The main idea about Ara is modularity. That means you can remove,add and swap different hardware modules within the base frame. The core architecture of the phone is static. However, you can swap  additional modules such as speakers, cameras, batteries and screens.  The modules are linked together through a new standard called Unipro which allows data transfer with speeds up to 11.9 GB/s. Ara is intended to be an open platform. Being open, developers can develop their own hardware modules which can be added to the phone. Openness is a great feature, which would greatly encourage innovation.

project Google AraThe consumer version of Ara would be available in 2017 as Google has announced. However, developers will have early access this fall to start working on their new modules. The release of the new modular phone would be a great refresher to the mobile market. With such a new technology, it’s taking the whole market to a completely new level and introducing a new generation of smartphones.


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